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What do you all think about lying?

Some say:
Its ok if it doesn't involve hurting others

Others say:
No way! Never!

I personally hate lying. I don't believe in it. But, also for example (in the 'it doesn't hurt others' perspective) - Let's say a company claims to have 1,000 subscribers but they have (and knowingly) only 100 subscribers. They only want to look good and are not hurting others. I think this is not directly "lying" but again not sure what the word would be lol.

What do you all think of this?
Hello :) doesn't the Bible tell us ? it shows us many times where some people have lied, some times for their own protection, but what does the Bible say about how God feels about lies ? this is where you will find the answers :)
Lying is just that-lying. I'm ashamed to say that in my life time, I've told some whoppers, and hurt alot of people with the tall tales I've told. Thank GOD that he got a hold of me and changed my life. I find myself in situations where it's easy to lie than to tell the truth. Satan tempts me to lie, but I stick with Jesus and tell (try) the truth. I will never say that I don't ever lie. I believe that's where Satan comes in and ko's you.
I also believe that we should not tell Lies,
I believe truth is best no matter what the outcome.
Before I became I christian I would have called them
little white lies, but you know, there's no such thing
a lie is a lie and that's the truth :embarasse
so be done with lies no matter what Amen
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That is a coincidence for me as I feel like I may be pulling some "little white lies" myself, but of course none that hurt anyone's feelings or anything else in any way. They are more to just get around the corner of annoying questions that serve no purpose or importance. Kind of a way to close of the conversation per se. No one is harmed but I must say that I know regardless the little white lies still has lies in them.
Thats a good question about the company lying for appearance. I'm sure it would be impossible to go one's whole remaining life without lying once even if one tried. However, I think the point is not to try, but to walk in the spirit so to speak. If we think about every little mistake we could possibly make outside of God's set boundaries, we'd drive ourselves crazy because we can't do it. We're not Jesus. Romans chpt. 7 has alot of good stuff about this. (Romans 7:18 For I know that in me nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good i do not find.)
As for a company who claims to have 1000 subscribers for appearance, I think that has to do with faith. If it were my company, I would say give the company to God and have faith that god will work in it. To lie about the number of subscribers would be saying that I don't have faith in God in this area and I would also know that I never really gave it to God in the first place. Man when you stop and think about it, the little things make us understand how much we really do need Christ. Where is that verse that talks about being held accountable for every word and every deed?
Just like you all said. Lying is lying. Wether it hurts someone or not. to tell a lie it is not fron God. whats wrong with being honest? wouldnt you rather live a life of honesty obeying God than to tell lies every now and then Knowing that God would not be smilling at you?
God only wants the absolute best for us. So I believe that a lie is a lie. Even if its a little lie. Its just not right. Just my opinion
Raging Hormones

I am 16 and my hormones are out of this world. I mean i drool on almost every guy and it is horrible and i am really trying to get it under control by praying. I was just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing i am.
Marriage oppession

I am only sixteen and i am already oppesses about getting married and i feel like it is not for the right reasons. Someboby please remind why ppl get married?
God designed marriage as a place for us to serve Him. I married my husband because we can do more as a couple witness for Christ then seperately. That is why I got married. You need to read the Bible about where you heart is, on God or man. We live to serve Him not ourselves. Read what Paul wrote in Romans 7-8. We live in the flesh but we are not to sucum to it's nature. You are walking on dangerous ground if you continue to live according to your flesh.
The Lord "hates lying lips", and the book of proverbs indicates a correlation between truthful lips and good health. I fear to lie, and hate being lied to.
"A man shall leave his father and his mother, and he shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall become one flesh, for this purpose God made them male and female." Sexual desire is of God. All sex outside of marriage is sin.
Hi, I agree with all of the above (beside obum88. . .i think she started a new thread )
I think "Lying" is pretty much cheating on yourself?
You try to change the truth for whatever reason to a more positiv outlook?
and therefore the 1000:100 is plain cheating, whether it hurts somebody or not. . .
Lying is a waste of time, thought and breath! You have to take more time, more thought and more breath to unwind this mess. . . so who would want that anyway
I have had these moments in my life too. . .
I have really tried to keep up to the truth before my saviour since I became a christian. . . once you have gotten used to speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable you will get in an honest answer situation. . .
At least you will be done with that!
I have turned the truth a few times since I became a christian. . . I was too lazy to mess with the truth, lying was quicker to get out of things. . .but, OH BOY, my sickened feeliing lead me to what. . . REAL LONG PRAYERS OF REPENTANCE AGAIN
So, better quit that stuff . . .:love: peeps
Good ole Simon Peter

I think that it would be difficult to not lie at one occasion or another.
Simon Peter, denied knowing Jesus three times and even swore out a few oaths. Of course he wept in grief afterward, but even as a loved disciple, he wasn't above a few lies himself. So, did Jesus still love him? Of course he did.
Praise be to Lord Jesus Christ.
I have found that before I became serious about Christ, put my life in his hands, I would lie to get the things I want, or to get others to see me in the way that I wanted them to. But lying to me is not telling the truth. And after I began pursuing the truth, I realized what a phony person I was!
I am coming to an understanding that telling the truth opens doors to joy and even to getting the things that we really want. It is also a protector from enemies.

I have found that lying never improves my situation, but telling the truth always does! I pray that God would give me the strength to tell the truth more often!

Very Respectfully,
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Lying is from the devil . All who practice lying are subordinate to satan himself . Jesus said to the leaders of the church that they are liers because their daddy [The Devil ] is the father of all lies ! Liers destroy trust and know nothing of covenants bound through Christ . By lying to their covenant partners , they also tread upon the Blood of the one who formed the covenant , Jesus Christ . To hell with liers as Jesus said . Go home to your daddy ... the devil . Mike
about lying

and now for the good news....

Yes Satan is the father of lies as mentioned in the last reply and Jesus is the way the truth and the life, where noone comes to the Father except by Him as John's gospel tells us.

The question should be focussing on then what the truth is, as Ephesians 6 v14 tells us that we should wear that belt of truth as part of the whole armour of God to overcome the evil one.

The good news is that John's first epistle states that if we confess our sins He (God) is faithful and just to forgive our sins.

So whatever we have done in the past there is good news if we confess those things of the past and leave them at the cross of Jesus :)

God bless
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Coincidently, that this thread has been rehashed from 18 months ago when I started it - I have fallen victim to great deceit for 4 months. It is very hurtful and messes with your head (if you knew the details). Nonetheless, lies are horrific in nature as sometimes you can't even imagine until you experience the great height of its deceit like I just have witnessed. One lie after another.

Exodus 20:16
9th commandment
"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Proverbs 6:16-18

There are six things the LORD hates,
seven that are detestable to him:

haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,

a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil
Lying is Lying a white lie is a Lie too, a sin is a sin there isnt in betweens with God a Lie is even a Lie when you dont tell the whole story about somthing, misleading is a lie....we have all lied at some point big or small everyone has lied....big tale or small.....but lets ask for forgivness and try again