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Lukewarm Christians

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by iluvjesus, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. I have a question about lukewarm Christians. It is said in Revelation 3 that God will spit lukewarm Christians out in the end. What does this mean? How "lukewarm" is lukewarm? So will they go to Heaven if they still believe in Jesus? Isn't it when you believe in Jesus, you are assured to receive eternal salvation? I'm just confused with this topic. I am just curious where the line should be drawn regarding lukewarmness.

    Thank you for the help! =)
  2. Well

    There are several places in the Bible that tell us to obey his commandments. Everything we do, we do in the name of the Lord Jesus. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my word. (Commandments) we know we are of God because we love other Christians.

    Being lukewarm is a lip service Christian. They go to church, may even give money, but God is not first in their life. They conduct their life as if there is not God.

    Moving to get a better Job without even praying about it and leaving a church God put them in. (Money first!!)

    Keep the policy of not talking about Jesus at work.

    Plan trips, and go places without even a thought to the will of God.

    find churches based on their denomination and not where the Holy Ghost wants to lead them.

    Have no idea what God's plan for them is. Don't make an effort to find out.

    Jesus said if you will confess me Lord, then with the mouth salvation comes. People do this, but never even consider they have a Lord to consult with before making all kinds of plans.

    Some have even used the authority of the name of Jesus to cast out devils and get people healed, but their heart is far from his will and plan. He told these people that he did no even know them.

    So, Being a Christian means that Jesus Has to be Lord in everything!! even the money you bring in, we need to consider him first before any bill or things we want.

    As for being a lukewarm Christian, Jesus was even more unhappy about these people because the profess him in word and not in deed.

    So for him to spit these people out, and have him say I did not even know you, It would be really safe to assume that being with him in eternity is not going to happen.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  3. The Worldly Christian

    Brother Mike put it very well. You can't just pay lip service to God; you cannot fool God, either. He knows your heart and your true motivations. Do you go to church for God or any other reason? Do you tithe for God or for any other reason? Etc. etc.
    The lukewarm "Christians" of Revelations 3 (the Laodecian church) are the seeds of the Sower in Matthew 13:22. They have no root in the Word and when riches and cares of the world come, they become unfruitful. As you can see from Revelations 3, He is giving them room to repent. Repent of what? Worldliness and the love of money.
    Jesus spoke a lot of the fruits of the righteous, implying that one who truly loves God, loves to do righteousness. Those who truly don't love God are the friends of the world and serve mammon (avarice) over God.
  4. If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior then all the sins of your life, past present and future are forgiven, and you’re saved forever. The big difference between you and the Church in Laodicea is the Lord’s position and that changes everything. You’ve let Him into your heart, but Rev. 3:20 says in Laodicea He’s standing at the door knocking, trying to come in. That means He’s on the outside and they’re not saved. They’re a church in name only, the ones left behind after the Rapture. They think they’re rich and don’t need a thing, even Him. They don’t even realize how poor they are.

    You don’t have to worry about being lukewarm but the fact that you do worry actually confirms that you’re His. The Laodiceans should be worried about it but aren’t and that confirms that they’re not His.

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