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Low salt, Low sugar, Low fat diet

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New Member
That's what my doctor told me. I really don't know what to eat. There seems to
either fat, or salt, or sugar in stuff. And the labels trick you. They state a low content
but in the top corner they say "serving size 3.5". I've cut the soft drinks down to one
16 oz a day, rather than 4 or 5. That is a ton of sugar gone. I had to cut beef and pork out
because it runs my blood pressure up. I've been buying these frozen vegs and microwaving them
in the package. Its the packages that have the light seasoning in them.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to eat, i'm all ears (or eyes). If I have to follow a recipe forget it.
I need something I can throw in the microwave.
Active Member
It's a common misconception that salt is bad. Salt is not bad. Too much salt, and the wrong kind of salt may be bad.

I will try and find some articles to support the claim I made above later today, but I must be going for now.

I am not a doctor, please don't try and sue me.


Active Member
This article was interesting for me to read.

Is Salt As Bad For Blood Pressure As Previously Thought? | Prevention

One thing that I've found useful as a starting point for easy cooking is those 1 minute rice packets, Uncle Bens ready rice I think it is.

That and some grilled chicken breast and then some frozen veggies make a good meal.

A lot of the veggies in the freezer section seem to come in the microwave packages already, where you can just throw them in for 5 minutes and they are ready to go. Called Steamers or something like that. But you mentioned that already didn't you.

Hope that's helpful
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