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Low low low low low self of esteem problem

Hi Yo'll,
I always had a low low self of esteem problem ever since elem. school.(cause i was teased all through grades 1 - 8)
Anything when someone is yelling,teasing,arguing & joking around with me( if it hits me real badOr my feelings will get hurt & then my self of esteem will go down a little bit) my self of esteem goes right down to the very bottom.
How can i change this? anyone with advice?
Staff Member
hi Godsgirl.

Pray in Jesus' name for those who hurt you (they are lost souls remember) and pray for yourself. Ask GOD for deliverance, comfort, healing and peace. He will give it to you instantly upon prayer (but 'instant' still on His timing).

GOD loves you. You know you cannot top of GOD's thoughts about you. Not anyone who teases you or not. Also, if the people who tease you are in fact just joking around, try to change your acceptance and laugh it off. If they are being mean purposely, you know you need to pray for them. They do not have the advantage yet like you do (salvation) becauase - by their unChristlike behavior more likely they are not saved.
Pray and meditate on:

Rom 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.(NASB)

As a member of the body of Christ, we have the assurance that God works all things out for the good for those in Christ.

I would reccomend prayer. Also have you considered seeking a counselor, even a lay person like a Stephen Minister. It can help a ton.

Just having somenone to confide in who will not judge you and just be there for you, and is confidental with all information, can be very beneficial and reassuring.

The Peace of the Lord be with you always.
Hey godgirl,
Well the first good thing is that you are asking advise from other christians that is so impressive.
I use to have problems with self-esteem too. But heres what I had to do: I had to learn who i was in christ and learn to live myself.
God made you someone really great and there are many great things about you because of it, look for those things and sourond yourself with good friends who build you up and not break you down"as iron sharpens iron so does the countanance of one friend to another."-proverbs
Learn who you are in christ and seek him im sure that that will help.
Also if you have time or something there is a really great christian book i read recently called the search for significance its great.
Keep pressing on sister,
God bless,