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Loving Providence

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Have you ever thought that what occurs is supposed to occur or it wouldn’t have occurred? Myself, I believe all that happens is supposed to happen because not only was it foreknown to happen but has also been allowed to happen! This is an example of providential care of the only omniscient God, and please also realize something I believe has additional instruction, that He has always known it—from eternity past.

Therefore for those who are reborn, all that occurs in their lives is orchestrated by God to “work together” for their “good.” That is not to say that all things are good, because the majority of this life holds that which is evil, but the evil (esp. in the believer’s life) is worked together with the good and always results in good—“to those who are the called according to His purpose.” The implication here is this, dear believer, that whatever we encounter, we can know that God has complete control of it and has already caused or meant it to, without fail, result to our benefit!

What does all this good God “works” to us address the most? Our faith, which ever continues to grow in strength, through understanding and knowing that, for those who are His, all is controlled to address our faith in Him and His Word; and it’s the condition of our faith in Him that determines the degree of our practical love for Him, because “faith performs by love” (Gal 5:6), thus the greater the faith, the greater the manifestation of love which supplies it.

This provides for the believer great encouraging assurance that we can welcome every day in knowing that whatever awaits us is not only foreseen and allowed, but also has already (“from everlasting to everlasting” – Psa 41:13; 90:2; 103:1; 106:4) been controlled to work for good to believers. There is nothing a believer will do that can turn aside the Father’s loving providence of causing all the evil to result—to us—for good (Gen 50:20).