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Lover of all....

Lover of All
I am loved by the most passionate lover of all time. When I am in His embrace my heart feels as though it will explode. I could never imagine a life worth living without Him. He blankets me with care and kindness making the cold cruelty of death just a fading dream. He feeds me His own life and as I am filled and satisfied, I realize I am unworthy of such adoration. How could such a one as He, adore me so? Yet His consistent breath of love whispers my name. When we are together we twirl with only one care, how I shall please you my Love. When He sings my name it resonates through me, sending waves of pure joy to the depths of my soul. Rainbows of colors dance around Him as children dancing in play. His beauty cannot be measured by any other, for He is the Prince of Beauty. My Prince and His Love have captured my heart, and how could I ever long for another. He has made this pauper smile the heavens wide. His name you may know, for He loves you the same. He is Jesus Christ the Lamb of God.

Eternally His,
Sean David Goodman
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Beautiful brokenman! that brought tears to my eyes :)
How indescribable is His love, how I adore Him, Jesus our Lord!
that is such a great testonmy, brokenman. I really see God's love in this thank you brokenman.
And God bless you,

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