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loved god and new to site

this is different not sure what to do. I love God and pray often for the needy. I want to learn more about him and poeple who wants to know him better. So here Iam.
Hi there blue welcome to TJ! a wonderful site and beautiful people. .. May God bless you everyday and help you grow. . . Meet great brothers and sisters in live chat, hope to see you there. . .GBU, peeps :love:
Hi bluejayart, welcome to talk Jesus. Hope to get to be able to share Jesus with you.

Your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl:

Bluejay, welcome to the site! I am not sure what you mean though, when you say you are not sure what to do. I can tell you though, to learn more about Him, read your Bible; I recommend starting with the Book of John and reading straight through to Romans. Three great Books right in a row that tell the stories of Christ here on Earth, the beginnings of the Christian church after Christ rose from the dead, and Paul's miraculous conversion and explanations as to how we are to live our Christian lives. I also recommend using an easier to read and understand translation, such as the New International Version (NIV). That's the one I use, and there's nothing more fulfilling than reading God's Word on a regular basis and drawing understanding from it.

Also, there are FREE booklets available trhough RBC Ministries on over 160 topics concerning Christians and the Bible. They are fantastic, short reads. (Just Google RBC Ministries, it will take you to their website.)

Any questions, just ask. I'm not a minister, but I myself have spent plenty of time researching my own questions, probably many of the same ones you have.
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Welcome Bluejay! Good to have you here...

perhaps one day, we can fellowship together...

God bless
Staff Member
Hello Bluejay welcome to Talk Jesus :)

God bless and thanks for joining