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Love bug

He would get my phone number than he would call for a few days. @ the youth group he would walk me out to my mom's car & ask for his phone number after that he never called me back! I asked him to go to this dinner. So he went. then i went to a play that my friend was in. Robert was in the play & after the play when all of them bowed i saw a girl that looked just like me!( how my face looks & hair,eyes but a little bit skinnier than me). Robert had his arm around her! Before this my mom told him that i had a crush on him for 3 yrs! so he knows that i like like him! Plus he goes to my church & i'm in the praise team & when i see him i fall into a love crush mood while @ church in the praise team & during worship! I would look @ him then look away . I would do that all through praise & worship!
How can i get over this guy that is a jerk?
How can i focus more on my callings?
ok, yet again u have 2 give it over 2 God.

pray bout it. pray that if it is in God's will, then he will bring u 2 together...

thats wot he did wif me n my current bf, He brought us together...

but yea, u could try talkin 2 him about it and findin out if u 2 r friends or not... its best not 2 loose a friendship over somethin that seems little...

so talk 2 him, an if u cant do that, write him a letter tellin him how u feel.. but above all PRAY an bring God in2 the equation.

hope this help ya!!

love ya darling!!

God Bless!