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Mortal I am
And flawed it's true
Damaged for sure
Lonely and Blue

Loved I am
Though lost in time
Space is vast in
Our world sublime

You see I find it's ...

A place of confusion
Played out in minds
The willful delusion
Corrupting it's finds

Encased in a body
Where no-one can see
Is my mortal soul
One day will be free

But where will it go?
Will it live on?
Will it meet kindered spirits ?
Or just from body be-gone?

You see the toils and the tussles
Of mere human thought
Can lead to a longing
For knowledge is short

We're lost and we're mortal
Deluded you know
We think we know something
Yet we do nothing but grow

Grow up and then down
Tautology Ground
Bound in confusion
around and around and around and around

The meaning of life is all that it is
To live and to work
To love and to give

I need Jesus
Lost without Jesus
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