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Lost world ... God's here

I wandered Lonely
The streets seemed vast
All busy people
Walked on past

I stopped to stare
At faces blank
Wanting waiting
But my heart sank

Empty Cold
Sad Untold
Stories hidden
Souls all cold

A world so angry
People lost
Busy rushing
Where? What cost?

I catch a glimpse
A pleading look
And out I reach
I grasp my book

My bible imprinted
Its message true
How I want to share
God’s Love for you

Revive Revive
Oh world so cold
The greatest message
Is here all told

Jesus died
That we might live
A precious chance
Did he give

Warm up world
He is your friend
Be loved be filled
Your hearts he’ll mend

Share the joy
Don’t feel lost
A prayer repentant
Is all it costs

A thankful heart
A new beginning
A world complete
He ends the cost of sinning :love:
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i love ur poems....
i relaly enjoyed reading tjis one..
keep em comeing...
god bless