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Lost soul

i have a spritual emergency here i friend on the net i met well she is desperately in need for jesus,s gift of enternal life and god,s love.She is named lory she is a lesbian and dont not believe in god or satan i tried to reason with her she has it in her mind that she is a pink goddess and that god is ignorant because he wont bow to her.She is a very troubled soul i will pray for her and i need you all to do the same for her because i care about her and she needs to brought to the lord and shown his love and grace.
Lone angel
Registered Member
Jesus is Lord!

Lone Angel:

Did you correspond with this woman on Talk Jesus, or another Christian forum? What "net?"

I will pray for her?

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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no i met her on excite chat and talked to her on msn messenger she is in need
of salvation.
Lone angel :computer:
Staff Member
I will pray for her. She most certainly needs it thinking that GOD should bown down to her. That's certainly a dirty spirit there no doubt. about it.

I would stay away from any secular chats if I were you. I tried to preach my site 2yrs ago on Yahoo only to be frustrated by the endless nonsense and blashpeme on the net. Totally disgusting.

Well guess what we have now? TALK JESUS FORUMS ! :)
I will definately be in prayer for her. Only God can remove a demonic spirit like that. I pray that The Holy Spirit will bring someone in her pathway to minister to her point of need. That is very wrong, thinking God should bow to her, but she is definately lost. It's not her, it's satan using her whether she sees that or not. I will pray for deliverance for her. God bless you for standing in the gap for her. Chad's right, I've been to so many sites trying to find good spiritual ones, and this one is very refreshing for a change "FINALLY"!!! Direct her to this site, it's real, and the people will be real, but loving with her. God bless you and her! Amen!