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Losing it

I'm losing my faith, no not so much my faith because I believe and trust in God but it's like He's not here anymore, and I know He really is. But It's like I'm blind again and I'm lost, confused and everything. I could really use some help, some tips to get back on track.

Thank you

Hi BigMack,
What you are experiencing is nothing new to Christians. You just go through the tunnel until you reach the other side. My advise for you is to stay in the Word, meditate upon it, begin memorizing scripture. Soak yourself in His Word. Talk to Him like you talk to your friends. He promises never to leave you nor forsake you.
Thank you so much Michele it's nice to know that I"m not alone, I mean I figured that people go through this too but I just feel so dumb. Thank you for the help I'll definetly keep it in mind.
BigMack any time. We are all in His family and each of us has gone through things. I'm glad I was able to help. Keep the faith my friend.