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LORD's care for HIS children

Discussion in 'Stories' started by joy1966, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. summer is very hot here and food spoils very quickly in summer since we don't have fridge. we eat same dish in dinner and lunch and in summer if we cook in afternoon, it would spoil in few hours before dinner time. the taste of chicken changes very fast too and become inedible. I never occurred to me till this summer that i can pray about it Now i pray and food survives in 45 C about 115 F temperature more than a day without any change of taste.Once when both my daughter and i prayed, chicken was more tasty second time we ate then first time we ate right after cooking. once we cooked chickpea curry and boiled rice in the evening. Now boiled rice don't spoil so fast as curry .So i prayed only for curry and didnt pray for rice. Nest day curry was fresh and tasty and but rice were spoiled.

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