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Lord, accept my crumbs

I thought this was so beautiful...

In his spiritual diary--excerpts begin here when he is 60 years old--Fr Kilian recorded insights, goals, dreams, and searching self-appraisal. "Lord, help me to hang in there," he writes. And: "Lord, accept my crumbs; some day I may yet produce a banquet."

January 1976

There is a definite change in my prayer-life at this time...a kind of deepening of the prayer of the heart. Gradually, my prayer is condensed in one phrase: Jesus, love me, heal me, have mercy on me!

I also was given an insight to realize that I'm too aggressive in my praying and doing...almost as if everything depended on me and not on God. I have to let go, to listen more and be more responsive to God's inner direction.

My petitions flow into one great ambition: that my God of Love would give me a loving heart. If a saint I ever become, I want to be my own unique brand. I want to be very human -- full of fun and joy (even mischief at times). Serving people -- especially in healing and listening to their hearts, making them happier, lifting their burdens. My chief self-denial is to be the daily task of being more human. I want to preach the "unsearchable riches of Christ" more by what I am than by what I preach.

Lord Jesus I thank you for my sister, Shelly and for showing her the beauty in this sweet excerpt. Lord I pray that she and all of Your children are growing into the the wonderful creation that You envisioned for them. Your word says that by Your choice you gave birth to us by the message of truth so that we may become a sort of first fruits of all Your creation. Indeed, make us more human. Make us real people. Take away anything that is not of You and grant us laughter. Grant us all that wondeful gift of being able to laugh at ourselves. Lord, what you have planted in Fr Kilian now has such fruit and I ask that bloom continue to grow and flourish in others.

Especially continue to encourage Shelly's work on the site and may Your Spirit would be in all she reads and posts. Protect her from spiritual attacks. She blesses so many, Lord, grant she is blessed right back and with even more in every area of her life.
In Jesus' name
Thank you Sister, I am very blessed by by your thoughtfulness and care!

2Pe 1:2 Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:
Lord Jesus, I lift my sister Shelly up to You. I thank you for her zeal and enthusiasm for Your truth. Like your Word says in Psalm 119, it shows that "in the way of Your instructions lies my joy." Lord, continue to guide her by Your Spirit and direct her paths, grant that she is encouraged as she ponders Your precepts, nurture her heart. Grieve with her when she suffers wounds with You, when she hurts for standing firm for You. Lord bless her and continue to teach her Your truths and be a healing balm for her. Be with her this week and grant her Your wisdom and discernment in her counsel and ministry to those on the site. Bless her for all her hard work. Grant that she has enough rest and protect her from anything that is not of You.

In Jesus' name,
Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Spirit and how leads us to truth. God, continue to bless Shelly as she reads and seeks Your truth and shares with us at TalkJesus things that have spoken to her heart. Thank you for her commitment to You and for her boldness in You. Protect her Lord for she is sure to be attacked and encourage her with Your Spirit as well as giving her insights.

I ask that you watch over her daughters and their job situations. For Cordell and her new poisition, grant her strength and courage and peace. Lord being new is hard. Grant that You are very close to her right now. If she is wrong, remind her that she is new, if she does well, help her to see it. Send another believer to her and grant that they connect.

For Jolie, Lord I know You have something for her. Grant she is not anxious, that she rests enough - grant her Your peace and the reminder that she doesn't ever need to worry. Please provide her a position today Lord!

God pour out your blessings on Shelly's family and grant that they all sense Your peace, joy and love.

In Jesus' name,
Jesus, I thank You for all the inspiring reading that Shelly has come across and blessed this site with. Continue to speak to her through what she reads and especially bless her with Your word. I thank You that it is hidden in her heart and I pray that You would continue to show her where a verse can be a blessing or for a verse that would apply.

Watch over both her daughters, grant that Cordell is blessed with fellowship at her work and that she would find joy in serving as unto You. Keep her encouraged and grant that her finances are more than what she needs.

Lord I pray that You provide Jolie with a job. Encourage her as well, draw her to Yourself and grant her so much peace and assurance that You are in control.

Grant that their family also can get time together and bless them all with Your love. I thank you so much that Shelly loves You. Her zeal is a light sure to get attacked. Assure her of Your promises and keep her unphased by any hardships she may encounter.

In Jesus name,
Praise You, Father, for healing Shelly! I thank You for guiding her to information about flax seed oil and ask that others too will become healthier. Lord, may we all call on You for good health and remember that Your ways are not ours.

Lord, I ask also for the emotional and physical health of her daughters. Continue to remind them both of Your constant care.

Bless Shelly's marriage and fellowship in the church and continue to kindle Your fire, Your Spirit in her. Her eagerness to serve You is apparent Lord and grant that she also gets the rest she needs. I thank you that she, like Jude reads, fights "hard for the faith which has been entrusted for all to God's holy people." Rejuvinate and refresh her and grant her Your peace.

In Jesus' name,

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