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Looking for my special person

I am a 55 y/o widow. I love God most of all. I have been a Christian for almost 40 yrs.
I would like to meet a guy who puts God first in his life.
I would enjoy talking (or typing) to anyone who would like to be friends.
But, I also would like that "special someone" in my life.

Hi, Kate,

I'm 35 and a single too! I love Jesus! But I know, that lonelyness can hurt. I did spend much time in lonelyness in the woods and mountains, in timber-houses, ... (the story would be to long). In that time I came closer to God, than in all the other situations.

One thought is comming in this moment. I don't know you and don't know where you live, but try to go out, go to the next, who is in need for help. Maybe God wants your lonelyness getting so hard for you, that you are willing to go. One must be the first and the first step has to be done, the next will follow automaticly. And Jesus is waiting for our movement!
And others will follow you. Pray to God and ask him, he will show you the right way and the next step and he'll be there at first!

May God bless you and speek into your heart and be your best friend!

Something that's been helpful to me:

Life isn't about getting married. It's not about dating. It's not even about finding that special someone. Life IS about God. We are no more guarenteed a "special someone" in life then we are our very next breath.

Marriage is something sacred and holy, but it's not a requirement of life on earth and it's certainly not a guarentee. Some people will never date or marry, just like some people will never have children. We are only guarenteed that God is real. God is faithful; God is loving, and God is strong.
"One thing God has spoken,
two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,
and that you, O Lord, are loving." Psalm 62:11-12

It's way easy to get caught up in our own desires and interests and forget that God is really the most important part of life. Instead of focussing on why you don't have a date, or how long it will be before God places someone in your life--focus on how awesome our great God is and focus on listening to Him and following Him before all things. He will guide you to exactly the right places, the right circumstances and exactly the right people.

Be in prayer,

In Jesus,

(I realize you once had all these things ie. dating and marriage, but the same thoughts apply to right now for you as they do for me as a 21 year old wishing for these things. Life is still always about God, and that's a good thing. I'm definitely praying for you and know that God will provide with everything we need.)
Thank you for your encouraging words.
God (Jesus) is my best friend. I love Him very much.
God has been my strength. I trust Him with my life and whatever He has for me now and later.
If I marry again, I want a good solid Christian that I can love, and that we can serve God together.
rescued (AJ)
Thank you for your response. I am aware that life is not about being married, but God did ordain marraige. He is not against it. And I believe that if I am "equally yoked" that remarrying is ok.
I also believe that remaining single is ok.
I have no doubt that God will be my guide in what He wants me to do, and not do, as long as I keep my eyes on Him.


Toklatkate said:
I am a 55 y/o widow. I love God most of all. I have been a Christian for almost 40 yrs.
I would like to meet a guy who puts God first in his life.
I would enjoy talking (or typing) to anyone who would like to be friends.
But, I also would like that "special someone" in my life.


Hi Kate,
May God bless you!! I have prayed for you that you will find that some one special.
Thank you for being so honest in posting. Your post reflects the God given desire that a lot of us have not to be alone.
What a wonderful saviour we have!! Awesome the way that he has designed us to be in relationship with him and to be in relationship with others.
A few years ago a guy from church became very depressed in the weeks before Christmas. I talked to him about why he was getting depressed. He told me he was getting down about being home alone on Christmas day. He had experienced a lot of christmas days in the past alone, loneliness. Sadness. No where to go, most venues are closed, meanwhile his friends are busy with family, leaving him isolated.The joy it will bring to him and us his family in Jesus will be immense when he has a soulmate.
When I was younger I had family, friends (often to many to keep up with) and my study brought me around another group of friends. So my days were filled with people. When I came home more people, family. No time for loneliness.
When I shifted away from the area I grew up in, I left a lot of social networks behind. Relatives a long way away. (eg parents 2500klm away) that has taken me away from the social networks that I and most of us often take for granted.
I have made new friends. Christmas day I often find myself in the same situation as my friend. Alone, away from relatives, family. I too would be blessed to have a soulmate. That has nothing to do with my faith or spirituality, it is the way we have been designed by God to be in relationship with him and others.
Spending Christmas day alone; an easy phrase to say. Not an easy experience for those who are isolated, are tired of being single, have no family.
A soul mate is a wonderful gift from our Lord.
I hope that you are blessed with a soulmate Kate.


Hi sister Kate

This is one of my favorite passages and it has helped me:

'Father to the fatherless, defender of widows- ...God places the lonely in families;' Psalm 68:5

My partner died in '97 and my 3 year old daughter and I were left alone. In 2000 I married my sister's brother-in-law (two sisters married to two brothers), he had been divorced because his wife had been repeatedly unfaithful. God helped us to find each other although, we were both hurting and alone. We are now a family of four I have a husband 36, daughter 12 and son 4 who I dearly love. Praise God in his holy name, I am so fortunate to have a family again.

I have no doubt that, if and when it is right for you to find a soulmate, God will provide one. I look forward to speaking with you in chat and please take comfort in knowing that you are already amongst friends here.

You are greatly loved.

God Bless
Thank you for the reply, and after I checked here, I realized you are the same one I was conversing with in chat this morning!

Kate (Kathy)