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Looking for friends...this is so old...

Discussion in 'Teen Hangout' started by Jesus_Freak8, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hi people! I'm Rose! I'm new I'm looking for poeple to talk to hang out I can't wait to talk to's a little quiz so we can all get to know each other all the better.

    1) Favorite color?
    2) Favorite food?
    3) Hobbies?
    4) Are pink aliens real?(if you're really serious, you don't need to answer this
    5) Favorite Bible verse?
    6) Bio?

    That's it! I'm so excited to meet you all!!!!!:shade:
  2. 1) Favorite color? Black, Blue, Red, White
    2) Favorite food? Tacos
    3) Hobbies? my 3 horses, motorcycles, fighting
    4) Are pink aliens real?(if you're really serious, you don't need to answer this maybe green, but IDK
    5) Favorite Bible verse? Not sure yet
    6) Bio?not sure what this means:embarasse
  3. 1. Favorite Color? hmm...i like pastel green
    2. Favorite food? oh man, this is a tough one. Let's just say this...I like Italian seafood.
    3. Hobbies? horseback riding, reading, music (listening to it and also singing)
    4. Are pink aliens real? of course they are. In fact, I saw some running around in my back yard yesterday...or was that neighbor
    5. Favorite Bible verse? Jeremiah 29:11 has seemed to be a helpful verse in my life. :)
    6. Bio? um..i dont know wut you want me to put here.

    But hey, I hope to talk to you in chat. Send me a pm. I'd love to talk to ya. Nice to meet u. :p
  4. 1. Blue, Black(hope u dont think thats weird)
    2. Hmmmm...thy're so many.....macaroni cheese, and all junky stuff!...i love food! :)
    3. Singing, dancing, writing, thinking, praying, reading...
    4. I think i saw purple and blue
    5. Pillipians 2:14
    6. May b we can talk about that later...thats if u wanna chat anyways....:)

    Great to have you here tho.......hope to see you soon.
    ~~God bless~~
  5. Grandpa

    [Hi Rose, I'm Tracy, but I'm well known as Grandpa]
    1) Favorite color?
    2) Favorite food?
    3) Hobbies?
    Watch T.V
    4) Are pink aliens real?(if you're really serious, you don't need to answer this comment on that one, but I promise you I'm not a very serious person.
    5) Favorite Bible verse?Psalms 37:4
    6) Bio? I don't know what this means

    Hope you get alot of friends!
  6. Hi Rose, I'm Charlotte and I joined yesterday :)

    1) Favorite color: i like all colours but emerald green is lovely
    2) Favorite food: fish&chips...just wonderful :zip:
    3) Hobbies: listening to music, hanging out with friends
    4) Pink aliens? i've never seen one but they might be out there! only the Father knows :)
    5) Favorite Bible verse? Romans 12:21
    6) Bio? perhaps when we get to know each other a lil better..
  7. Im not a teen anymore, but anyway... i like this stuff..just like those notes at facebook,haha

    1) Favorite color? Pink
    2) Favorite foods? Pizza, Pasta, Chocolates, Strawberry, Chicken, Salad
    3) Hobbies? Playing Violin, painting, drawing, internet
    4) Are pink aliens real?(if you're really serious, you don't need to answer this aliens? in pink...favor in me! haha, but i dont believe in them. so watever. =)
    5) Favorite Bible verse? to live is Christ and to die is gain.
    6) Bio? age:22, bday: jan.20, ht: 5", wt: 83lbs., complexion:fair tan, hair color: brunett, eyes: black. need to know more?? lolz..

    This was great Rose, see you around. Enjoy tJ. God bless
  8. (I joined in this not for dating, but to meet new teen friends cause I feel so old since I have so many friends who are a lot older than I am)

    If I'm 18, am I still considered a teen? lol.

    1) Favorite color? None.
    2) Favorite food? Sisig, Pizza
    3) Hobbies? Basketball, Music, Reading Books(Bible mainly)
    5) Favorite Bible verse? Romans 8:38-39
    6) Bio? (Copying Trueheart's format)

    Age:18 Bday: Feb.28 Ht: 5'8'' Wt: 72 kg. Complexion: Fair/Mild Pale Hair color: Black Eyes: Black
  9. I am not a teen but i would just like to answer anyways

    1) Favorite color? Purple and pink
    2) Favorite food? Mexican
    3) Hobbies?
    5) Favorite Bible verse? The sermon on the mount
    6) Bio? My Testimony, wich is on my profile

  10. Age:39 Bday: march 22 Ht: 5'8'' Wt: 150 lbs Complexion: Fair Hair color: brownish red Eyes: greenbrown
  11. hii rose,
    favorite colour
    : red,pink
    favorite food: like junk food a lot
    hobbies: listening to music, reading books,....

    favorite bible verse: I like psalm 91
    Bio: age:19, bday: july 23, and the rest you can find out when we chat.

    Nice to see you here. Hope to chat with you soon.
  12. Salutations Rose,

    1) Favorite color? Purple and black
    2) Favorite food? Korean food and hot wings~
    3) Hobbies? Socializing, learning and working :3
    4) Are pink aliens real?: There are a variety of species here on earth that don a pink hue in their skin, so I can't see why there wouldn't be pink aliens~
    5) Favorite Bible verse? Judges 15:15-16
    6) Bio: I'm me and difficult to explain but often I pass as "Just an Omee" whenever I express myself. I enjoy the spotlight and being on stage but my passion is audio engineering; having spent 3 years at a radio station, I've already had my dream job and I encourage everyone to seek something they love :)

  13. To everyone who is a regular on Teen Hangout. I just met a sixteen year old Ariey who is a new member. Ariey is in need for some fellowship with some people the same age. Please consider inviting Ariey to your hang out.....thanks!
  14. Is she still an active member? Im looking for peers my age as well haha
    Sent from an iPhone
  15. Don't know, try to Private Message (PM) her. Find out how to use the Teen Hangout. Contact a Moderator for help finding other teens, like Chad!
  16. Normally you can tell the last time someone has posted by looking at the bottom left of the post. It will give the persons, Date and year of last post or if the post was done today, it would have a time associated with it.

    RJ is correct. The best way is to start a conversation with someone. You can click on the avatar and will see "Start a Conversation" right next to "Profile Page". Sometimes folks will have allowed to receive e-mail notifications when someone has commented on a post of theirs or when someone starts a conversation with them.

    Hope that helps some.

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