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Looking 4 truth

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Oh what a foolish man I am, ever learning & never coming to the truth. I can see plainly the path laid out before me, it is one that is headed for destruction. Morally bankrupt I have become, sowing the corrupted thing's rather than the immortal treasure's of God. Where is wisdom now? It mocks me from afar, it has given up calling me from the street corner.

I have given myself over to wayward men, and joined in with their impurity. I have become a lustful glutton, a man of depraved thinking. Woe to me oh Lord, I deserve to sleep with the worms. Woe to me oh Lord, I built my kingdom on sand.

There is no where I can go for help, there is no place where I can find rest. My only hope is in the company of sinner's, where you have thrown me low.

Please Lord do not let me be swallow alive by these wicked men, lift me up & teach me how to serve you well.

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