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Look at this~ just look at it!


(please s`cuse me if someone already shared this, I am too excited to check) :glasses:

This is the kind of glory you get to witness when GOD is left to build a man!

I am so floored and blessed by this testimony I had to share, and there is no better discussion
to be had around a water cooler anyways! :coffee:

Some of you will recognize this guy, he is very very popular with the New Age Youth on Facebook...

"Some of you may know me ... as an author and admin on the Spirit Science website and Facebook page. I have recently become a Christian, and just want to share in this video what led to me renouncing the New Age, selling out of my old life, and giving my life to Jesus.

Walking with Jesus is the most pure and supernatural form of spirituality I have ever experienced. No psychedelics or meditations have brought me anything as real, tangible, and fulfilling as the Holy Spirit has. Believe me. I have had OBEs, countless lucid dreams, and many mystical experiences. I thought I had it figured out down to a tee. I thought Jesus was a self-realized mystic. I've been on both sides of the fence now, and I can say that Jesus is the biggest spiritual upgrade one can make. I am no longer "seeking" God. I know God now and I feel His spirit inside me always. For the first time in my life, I can rest knowing in my spirit that I have found everything I was born to find. And I want nothing more than for the people who are unsure of Jesus, who might still be dabbling in the New Age, or who have fallen away from Christ to find what their souls are looking for in Him.

This is not about religion, and this is not about following a certain set or rules or belief structures. It's about walking the Lord of Heaven, the King of the Heaven and the Savior of our souls. And He gives us a new mind, a new heart, and we become born again spiritually. And all it requires from us is a willingness to surrender and receive, and then we receive the Holy Spirit and begin the supernatural walk of a lifetime with Him. That's it. We have nothing to lose and eternity to gain when it comes to Jesus." - Steven Bancarz

Psalm 127:1 (GW) If the LORD does not build the house, it is useless for the builders to work on it. If the LORD does not protect a city, it is useless for the guard to stay alert.
Staff Member

I hope you don't mind sister, but I'll be sharing this! :whistle
What a testimony!
It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank-you for sharing.
Proof even those who lose their way are not lost to God...
and further proof God uses even a mans 'lostness' for His glory...
and Gods glory is now displayed to one mans countless followers...
who followed him in the dark without knowing he was going to lead them
to the Light...

Its like God allows the 'seed' to be planted in the dark,
and suddenly one day a green shoot springs forth and its a glorious plant...and its all Gods doing!
Praise His Glory!