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Long Term Prayer/petition!!

I Need Help!!!! Pls Pray For Me

Some of of you may laugh or say it nonsense, some may say it's childish, but i DO really need your help my brothers and sisters.

As humans we all have dreams, and as christians we all want to be in paradise w/ God, but besides of that we have other dreams.

Well my dream is pretty simple but kinda impossible to come true. I love my Marcy very much, well let's get the things staright!

All i want is to spend my lifetime with her, i want to marry her and it's for reall, i want to see her wearing a wedding dress with a chuck taylor shoes(which is her idea!) walking down the isle, we will stand together in the altar, swearing our love to each other, then we will kiss each other! and our love will be blessed by God, then we will got to our hawaii at our honeymoon, at afternoon we will walk together at the beach while we are holding our hands, we will watch the sunset together, and at night we will make love to each other, and i will show her how much i love her! I want to build a family w/ her, i want to see her holding our 1st baby, or she is preparing our meal while i am playing w/ our kids, and we are reading stories to our kids to make them sleep at night! I want to grow old w/ her, i just can't imagine how we will look like if we are old, maybe she has a white hair,(me netheir). She is knitting a sock while she is on a rocking chair while i am telling stories to our grandchildren. that is my dream, to share my ambitions, fears and my darkest secret w/ her, i want to share my life w/ her i do really love her very much, the problem is she is to far from, i live in asia while she lives in U.S.A and she is young, she is almost 15, we have a great difference in color, culture etc, plus the fact that it will be less more than 3 yrs before i move to u.s, and anything can happen duting those time, i am so worried dat she might cheat, or can't wait, i am so afraid, but i have a trust in God, and being faitfull to her and w/ my faith to God, my dreams may come true, i do really love her and if it's not her for me i'd rather die alone!!!! for the 1st time in my life in my life dat i promise sum 1 to marry her, and it is Marcy, Marcy Elise Grant, she is God's instrument making me back to Him, and i am so thankfull to God that i met her, btw guys can u pls pray for me, pray that it come true, i am so sorry, i just love very much!!!! thank you guys in advance, peace and take care, I AM SO THANKFULL TO GOF THAT I MET HER, it only shows how much God loves me!!! PLS PRAY FOR ME GUYS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :love:
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You know, I had a pastor tell me once, " God placed our destiny in the one place that we would never lose it, our hearts!" The only reason we have a capacity to love with such passion, is that our Lord first loved us. If this relationship is ordained of God, it will stand the test of time, seperation, and trial. It's a funny thing about love, it can endure all things.
Be of good courage my young friend, our God knows the desires of our hearts. Remember to always keep him as your first love and let no other love in your life dethrone him. If it is meant to be, nothing will be able to stop it. Waiting on the Lords will is a test of our faith. How long you are willing to wait on the Lord will determine how long you wait. Sometimes we wait a long while because God is preparing our hearts and the hearts of others for what is to come. He is working on circumstances and preparing the way. Be patient, be prayerful, it will be worth it.
I will pray for you.
I would offer that you be patient, for if it is God's will it will come to pass. Plus you are young and she is underage, so you would have to wait at least three years anyway. So my advice would be to focus on God and his will for your life, and hers, trust in Him for He knows what is best. I pray for God's will in yours and her life.
Peace be with you,
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Like some said, on GOD's timing. You are young and she is at an age where you shouldn't even think about such things (only in my honest opinion I express that). She's got a long way to go brother.

GOD is perfect, trust Him first and always.
Amen! TRUST can go a long way with God. But you got to trust God, so God can trust you. Trust you will small things like faithfulness, and trust you with big things like marriage, a family, and more trust.

God Bless you brother. i too believe she is young now, but like others said, if it is of God, she will stand strong in her battlefield.
thank you very much to all that prays for me, i love you all my brothers and sisters, GOD BLESS ALWAYS!