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London Boming Prayer / Petition

Staff Member
This is a petition that anyone who lives in England/UK may possibly get this publicly noticed. Its a simple list of people who reply and sincerely say they are praying for the country, the victims and their families. Invite them to come here to learn about Jesus Christ, His love and protection if we believe in Him.

Please add your number and full name. I will update this often throughout the day.

1. Chad Abizied
Staff Member
This is great. We have 13 people so far. C'mon brothers and sisters. Let us make a difference in the lives of these victims AND possbily suspects. Let the public see that many sincere Christ believers at Talk Jesus are praying for them.

Let us hit over 100 easily. That should be a piece of cake out of 4,000+ members correct? We should hit at least 1,000 *sincerely* praying believers of our awesome GOD.

Staff Member
Please use numbers so we don't get lost :)

Next person is #15

This is good. Let's keep this going and let the glory of GOD shine through here, to also grab those in an emotional depressed mode right now and uplift them with the love of GOD