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Little story... I'm so thankful!!

Hey everybody! I wanted to share my story with you...

when my biological mother knew she was pregnant, I believe she was like: What am I gonna do?. However she met Elena, my mother. She (bological mother) thought she'd be a great mother to me, and that she'd take care of me like no one else.

Maybe she was right. When I was born, my mother (Elena) was the first person who held me in her arms. Elena took care of me since I was inside my biological mother. ( I don't mean to call her like that, I don't know her name).

I was addopted by a precious woman that could never have children. She's not saved, but I believe God will do something there sooner or later.
I'm her only daughter so you can imagine how blessed she feels!
she's been a blessing in my life too.

I'm really thankful to God for her love all this years.
I thank God everyday for putting me in a beautiful family, for taking care of me from the very first moment.

I never knew that woman who carried me for 9 months, but I hope that the Lord had keep her for His kinngdom wherever she is.

God has changed my life, in every single way, in every single thing and detail of my life. And I love Him!!
Glory to this God of Wonders!:love:

Thank you for sharing your awesome testimony of Gods hand upon your life . Praise God for an open heart that would pour out the Fathers love on us all . Peace be with you and continue in the grace of Gods wonderfull plan for your life . Mike :love:
Staff Member
That is very nice Haynaru :) Thank you for sharing this. Never stop praying for your biological mother and also your mother who is not saved as you said.

GOD will do great miracles in their lives as He has done for you also.

God bless you!