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Little by little

Little by Little
Written by Michelle Ross
Terry loved the lord and was on fire for him.
She had a brother named Tommy who lived right down the road from her. Yet he lived a far much different life style then her she loved him so and wanted to see him saved.
Everyday she would pick up her bible, and walk down to his house and try to convince him to live for the Lord. She would explain to him how would go to hell if he didn’t change his ways, and except Jesus as his Lord, and savior. Tommy was married and his wife was saved so at times He would just get up and leave the room while terry would just sit there in tears from the arguments with him. Sandra Tommy’s wife would comfort terry and say some day he will come to the Lord . Terry would leave hurt and broken hearted.
They continued to pray over Tommy daily.
A few months of going over his house and ministering went by. Tommy got to the point when he would see his sister coming up the drive way he would slip out the back door, and climb in his truck and drive off.
One Saturday afternoon Terry sat on her back porch. Enjoying the beautiful Spring morning sipping on her coffee. Her heart felt heavy though. Filled with thoughts of Tommy. She sat thinking that there has to be a way to reach him.
She was beginning to feel as if all her praying all the ministering was it a waist of time but she wasn’t going to give up. She just couldn’t think of a way to reach him.
She softly whispered, “Lord What am I doing wrong, or what am I not saying?”
She sat there watching her family of birds that had made a home in her old oak tree .
The mother bird caring for her young. One of the babies fell from the tree.
Terry got up to walk over to where the baby bird was.
The Lord spoke to her. “Wait!”
“But lord , he fell. He could die.” she responded.
The lord spoke again, “wait !”
She sat down and watched the baby.
He hopped around and hollered and squawked .
His mother would fly down and squawked back and trying to encourage him to fly back up.
After a while the baby bird just sat beneath the tree. The mother would fly down and then return back up to the nest. When she would go for food she would fly down and feed him then feed the ones in the nest. Back and forth she flew.
The Lord spoke to Terry and said , “see the baby bird ?”
She responded “yes Lord.”
Then he spoke again saying, “That baby bird is like Tommy.”
Terry puzzled asked, “ how Lord?”
Then he spoke saying , “The mother feeds her young little by little. She cares for him little by little.
Little by little the mother will encourage him to return back to where he belongs .”
“Yes Lord, she said but what does this have to do with Tommy?”
He then said , “if you over feed a baby bird then he will reject eating what you try to feed him.
Eventually he will reject completely and die. Little by little just enough to help him then he wont reject and he will grow, and survive.”
Terry then thought for a few minutes and said, “I have been overfeeding Tommy haven’t I Lord. That is why he has rejected me, and what I have been trying to do.”
She got up and ran in the house. Tears in her eyes she dialed her brothers number.
Tommy answered the phone.
Terry sobbing said, “Tommy I am sorry. I have been so forceful I didn’t realize I was only pushing you away not only from the Lord, but from me as well.”
Tommy paused for a moment then said , “Sis I know you meant no harm and I love you.”
She then asked, Tommy if she could come over.
Tommy paused for a moment then said, “Yes.”
After she hung up the phone she glanced out the back window. She saw the mother bird down on the ground coaching the baby to fly up. She would squawk at the baby and fly up to the nest then back down. The baby hopped around opening and flapping his wings. Little by little he got higher. Then finally he made it up to the nest where he belonged .
Terry walked over to his house. He stood at the door with open arms . She walked up and hugged him.
They sat and talked for hours about anything and everything. She looked at her watch and hours had passed by but they had so much fun she didn’t even notice how long she had been there.
She got up and walked over to the door. Tommy I love you, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Several weeks went by. Terry was cleaning her yard. She still went to Tommy’s but she didn’t force the word on him. She witnessed to him about some things the Lord had done in her life. She was going to trust the Lord, and do what he said. Little by little she would encourage and feed him the word. As she raked the yard Tommy pulled up in his truck. She walked over to his truck. Tommy smiled at her . “Hello Tommy,” she said.
“Hi sis, I have a question for you. What time is your service at church Tomorrow ?”
She smiled and said, “well church starts at 11 am.”
Tommy then smiled saying, “ ok Sandra was wanting to know . She said she will be going tomorrow with you and wanted to know what time to be ready.”
Terry said , “That would be nice, and I would love to see you there too.” He smiled then drove off . Terry went back to doing what she had started .
The next day
Sunday morning Terry got her stuff ready and walked over to her brothers house . Sandra stood with the door open with her bible in her hand. She had a big smile on her face and asked, “Terry are you ready? “
Terry nodded then walked over towards Sandra’s car.
She turned to Sandra and behind Sandra stood her brother all dressed in a suit. His hair all neatly combed. Tears fell from terry’s eyes as she watched him walk over to the car .
He opened their doors and said, “well are we going or not?” They laughed and got in.
They all sat together in church.
A few weeks went by, and Tommy continued to go to church. Then one Sunday morning He gave his life to Christ .
Terry went up behind him. while he knelt down she knealed beside him at that alter, and gave his life to Christ. She softly Said, “Thank you Lord.”
We all have loved ones we worry about and want to see come to the Lord.
Remember that you cant force the word but you can feed little by little . It is seed .
They will come to know the Lord through love and by showing them Jesus in you. Be a witness and salt but remember to let the lord lead. He will give you the words of wisdom to minister to them.
2 Cor 4:17-18
18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
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