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List the best and strangest christian books you read.

Discussion in 'The Library' started by rizen1, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. List the best and strangest christian books you read.

    Neil T Anderson all books, I enjoyed and found interesting
    The battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyers

    Strangest book
    He came to set the captives free - Rebecca Brown
    A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K Baxter
  2. There was a two book series I bet you would love. "This present darkness" and "Piercing the darkness" both by Frank Peretti. Its about how the battles of light and darkness happen all around us and most of us are unaware of it. Its fiction, but filled with action, faith. I tend to like christian fiction a lot. There was another christian fiction book I really liked also, called Joshua.
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  3. Thank you for sharing, going to look for them ....
  4. Not sure about strange books but the only type of books I've ever read since becoming born again in 2002 are Christian books written by reputable authors like Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, and lots of others that I can't really remember off the top of my head.

    I'll attempt at the strange book part with this one popular book called 90 Minutes in Heaven. I read it about 6 years ago. I'm not saying it was bad or wrong, but it was something different and definitely a subject to be discerning about, 'seeing Heaven' and coming back to life.

    Two amazing books I've read are:

    Strategy of Satan by Warren W. Wiersbe
    Every Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn

    Small paperback, full of Scriptural truth and spiritual weapon.
  5. One of the best and most thought provoking books I have read is Living Simply by Fiona Castle.

    It really helped me look at my possessions and the clutter we all accumulate on earth and to consider it in the light of eternity

    When Fiona Castle went on a life-changing visit to Peru, she met people who lived in poverty but were rich in love. They knew the value of friendship and community. When Fiona came home, she resolved to live more simply, more wholeheartedly for God and so she carried out a life audit: on physical clutter - the possessions she had accumulated - on emotional clutter - her baggage of hopes, fears and relationships - on spiritual clutter - her attitudes to God and the world. Join Fiona on a friendly tour around your spiritual home and find out what's important in your life.

    For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
    Philippians 4:11-13

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  6. I could see how you would put that in the strange category. I've heard some 'strange' things about Rebecca Brown.

    One of my favorite books I've ever read was:

    The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom


    Many parts of Irenaeus's 'Against Heresies'

  7. A book that one can read and reread then re reread and on and on. The book is ever the same and ever different. Layers upon layers. One reads a chapter and comes back the next day to reread it and sees things which he did not see the previous day. Mysteries, history, romance, How to's, and what seems to be sci-fi. Most fascinating book ever. I love to read the bible.
  8. When I was a very very young Christian I bought a book by "Lester Summerall" Called "Pigs in the Parlor". It was about casting out demons, and devils. It scared the Hell out of me!!. I became more evil spirit conscience every where I went (not good). Not a good book for baby Christians. I would have no problems reading it now, but The Bible has given me a lot more info about casting out devils.
  9. I read that one. ...Frank Hammond.... I read a few by Win Worley too. ... Now those were weird. He spent too much time boasting of his conversations with demons, something you NEVER do.

    I still have Pigs in the Parlor somewhere around here.
  10. Just read a couple more..The Ahriman Gate by Tom and Nita Horn. It was a real page turner, especially considering it was their first attempt at fiction.
    Another that I read, just finished in fact, was Time Travelers in the Bible by Gary Stearman. Awesome book!
  11. Oh good topic!
    Well, OP I read those your mentioned and I agree with you there.

    the spiritual warfare ones aren't for the faint hearted.

    I think the best that I've read that I found helpful and inspiring are
    Elizabeth George 'A Woman after God's own heart'
    Joanna Weaver 'Mary heart in a Martha World'
    Jackie Pullinger 'Chasing the Dragon'
    David Wilkerson 'The cross and the switchblade'
    David Bunyan 'the pilgrim's progress'

    the strangest...well, I thought 'the shack' was odd. I don't know, its presented as a fiction.

    but always reading the Bible. I like reading the parables. Oh and Revelation is very strange! But I think the more you read the more blessed you will be. So I make sure to read that one often.
  12. You're right Lanolin, always read at your level of maturity and just push the upper end so you'll stretch a little bit... I've always believed in pushing the envelope, pushing my boundaries upward and onward.
  13. The 13th Tribe by Robert Liparulo.
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  14. also screwtape letters, yoggny choe, rees howl books,
  15. I love C.S. Lewis. I would put Mere Christianity in the Best category, and Screwtape Letters in the Strange category.
  16. The truth is quite frequently, if not always, better and stranger than fiction. Still I haven't read so much outside of the Bible in years. The one that stands ever in my mind and which I have re-read is "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom", the Dutch lady who helped Jews get away from the Nazis’ in WWII and as a result ended up in one of their concentration camps. The book is her testimony.
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  17. I Love Books!!

    1. "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan - I really love it.
    2. "If I Perish" by Esther Ann Kim - I love her life-testimony on how she led many others to Christ inside the prison during the Japanese conquest over Korea. .
    3. "Touch the World Through Prayer" by Wesley Duewel & Bill Bright - I guess this book and others that pertains to prayer and missions the Lord started to pour His love and compassion on my heart for other people especially to Pastors and missionaries needing prayers all the time as they are the most of Satan's target.

    4. Latest Read here: FOR WOMEN :-D

    "The Power of a Praying of Wife" by Stormie Omartian - it is a great blessing to read though am still single, I bought it thinking it could help me prepare the wife the Lord would like me to be (LOL). Through the book, I saw changes needed in me not only as a woman, but as a person as well. Amen!


    I bought a book before about the on going deception creeping in the Churches, sorry I can't remember the title and the author. I find it strange and confusing before maybe because am still too young (spiritually) to understand and discern the content. Later, I burned the book, it didn't help me a lot. hehehe
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  18. you burned the book??
    I've never really done that as we don't have a fireplace, but I did chuck a copy of 50 shades of grey into an incinerator. I was cleaning a ladies house. She had shoved the book amongst some shoes .

    I have also read power of a praying wife (even though I am not one). I gave it to my neighbours. Sounds like a lot of work - I mean, heaps of things to pray for!!! For just one person. Before that book I didn't realise..all the things that you can cover in prayer for a husband.
  19. Hello @Lanolin

    Yep, i burned it. I live in PI, we have lots of free spaces for burning stuff. Hehe

    The author herself said, those are just guidelines. You can ask the Lord through the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you specifically what is your spouse need the most. And I agree with her. The “Job” thing on there, I applied it to myself, and my current job is an answered prayer from that guideline. I praise the Lord for it. Amen

    Blessings. Hope your friend liked the book. I reccommended it too to my sister :).
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  20. was that book you burned by any chance called 'strange fire'?

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