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Linda Believes!

Linda Believes!

Every day Linda woke up in the early morning she would make her way to the kitchen make her a cup of coffee and grab the morning news paper she would sit out in the patio, listening to the birds sing the morning praise song and hear the wind blow through the trees. She would sit there for a while then call her dog to walk him for his early morning stroll.. as she walked down the road her neighbors would greet her. Good morning Linda Mr. Peters would say, hello Mr. Peters and she would continue on her way down the street. She always walked at the same time with her trusty retriever by her side and a news paper which she hadn’t read held in her hand. She lived alone but she wasn’t never lonely she had God in her life. And every one loved her so dearly. She attended church right down the street from her at a small little community church. Every Sunday she would walk her dog to the church and chained him up out under the old apple tree in the back of the church. The pastor would walk out everyday when she arrived to carry a special treat to her friend. Hello sister Linda God bless you sister I just brought rags his Sunday treat. She would smile and hug him, Well I know rags looks forward to it. She would wait for him to give the treat and she would walk arm in arm in the church with him laughing and praising God for all he had given and all the beauty that was around them. She always sat at the front of the church next to pastors wife. During praise and worship she danced and sung. She loved the Lord. One day she was sitting in church and one of the elders called her forth she went to the front of the church shaking and crying, the elder whispered in her ear and she shouted praising God, it was a word from the Lord she had received. No one new her needs she was a private person. One day pastor was standing outside watching her walk away and another sister of the church spoke up that is a lovely girl pastor its shame she is blind, the pastor looked at her and boldly said this sister that women sees more than we ever will! She can see things we don’t see and more than that her walk with God is a faithful walk and God told me that She wasn’t blind! Well the other lady from the church puzzled and walked off wondering was she faking her blindness then a moment later she turned and walked back to him pastor, you are saying she is faking her blindness? The pastor looked at her mam I’m saying that Linda is not blinded because now she sees. Well I don’t under stand sir. He then said maybe the one who is blind is you then. She walked off all upset and later on she saw Linda sitting outside enjoying the fresh air, she decided to go talk to her Linda its me sister Becky from church. Hello Becky how are you? I am so confused by something pastor told me, she continued I thought you were blind but pastor says you see. Linda smiled said yes I can not in a sense that you do I see the things others do not see. What do you mean sis Becky asked her. Well I see things in a spiritual sense and I see me as delivered. Oh I see what your saying Becky said your saying God will heal your blindness then Linda said I all ready am sis I all ready am. Becky then said how can you say you already are if you cant see me? Linda smiled if I die tomorrow I will still claim I am healed. I know what God has promised me. Becky then left. A week went by quickly and Sunday came this time Linda walked to church alone. Her pastor didn’t bring a treat either he met her at the door. Pastor I can see shapes and images its fuzzy but I can see something she had tears running down her face. Sister your faith has made you whole remember what the lord told you. She then rubbed her eyes dry. Then opened them again pastor I see you! I see you! She reached out to him and he embraced her and they walked in she was singing praises and dancing pastor shouted see the Lord has done something in her he will do these things in you only if you walk in faith and take off them blinders open your eyes and see what God has given you to see!

We all walk around at times with are spiritual blinders on and we don’t let Gods power work in us by the things we let out of mouths. You need a healing start confessing it! Stand on that promise. Don’t bow to the devil no matter what the symptoms show. You are healed! You are the delivered! There is healing through the blood of Jesus!

Stand on your faith and let not those around you destroy what God has promised you.

Prov 15:4

4 The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.

(from The Holy Bible: New International Version.

Luke 8:47-48

47 Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. 48Then he said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."

(from The Holy Bible: New International Version.

Praise The Lord sis! God truly gave you a guift for writting!! Your stories alwqays touch me. We have an awsome God!!!

God Bless
Your sis in Christ
Staff Member
Excellent story :) Thank you very much for sharing Michele. God bless you.

Just a note for all (no insult intended please lol), please try to use smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read for all of us to read.

Thank you :)
What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for posting it. Praise God for your talent. God Bless you!
Wisdom,it is a beautiful thing.To learn not to see the outward man but to see the Spirit that dwells within.Thank you for sharing.GBU
Praise the Lord! I thank you for you all are so encouraging to me but all the Glory is his amen! God bless you all!:love:
Thank you all for your replies I agree we need to fucus on the spiritman and not the things of the world the devil comes to kill steal and destroy but let the truth be known the God we serve is greater than anything the devil tries to through our way! Praise the Lord!