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Light in Love

Staff Member
Light in Love

There is a secret place that only welcomes you
A hiding place where the world can’t see through
My place to get lost and just love you too
Away from the common sights and into the new

You light up this little room I have in my heart
Your love to me is the greatest work of art
No need to move around to find a better way
You stand shining bright you turn night into day

Sometimes I doubt myself and just who I may be
But when your voice sounds I can suddenly see
That my book of life has your name on the last page
So my dear love of my life let us meet and engage

From your hair, your eyes you’re everything I need
I’m lost and empty without your love so true indeed
So whisper your dreams into my ears and smile too
Your happiness is my desire because I love you!
sounds like someone who is deeply in love :love: we need to return to that first love sometimes. . .we get hard and busy. . .reading this. . .makes me feel soft and warm :love: Thank you for the sweet whispering reminder :love: I hear you