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Life's Meaning

Staff Member
What is the meaning of your life? For some people reading this question, the answer may easily roll off their tongue, but others may find it one of the most difficult questions they have ever been asked.

"The meaning of my life? How in the world should I know!" says one man. Another chimes, "Hey, I just wake up, eat, work, play a little, and go to sleep. If you can find meaning out of that, good luck!"

I really feel sorry for people who have that type of mind-set. It is no wonder there are so many people walking around suffering from depression, living a mostly bleak existence. There may be the occasional fleshly pleasure or high from drug or alcohol use, but what about real joy, peace, and least we forget, meaning?

My life is probably no more exciting than those of the two men above, and yet I not only understand and appreciate my life's meaning, but regardless of my life circumstances, I have a genuine peace and joy which no man or life trial can steal away from me. This peace and joy comes from one place alone: God.

We are here on this planet for two reasons: to worship God, and to love one another. When we feed this inbred spiritual hunger, man is content. When we turn our back on it, man tries to fill this void with things which may appear to bring happiness and satisfaction, but in reality, whose pleasures are only fleeting.

Our relationship with God is the only true and sustaining spiritual food there is. He gives us life and love, and calls us to share this great love with all men. What greater meaning could ones life have than to be of the royal bloodline of Christ?

Won’t you join His family today?
29 years to find this post ...bleurgh

A simple and clear answer to such a complicated question.

Funny how the truth is like that...
Great thread Chad . Stay the course . God has much more to come for you . Brother Mike :thumbs_up
Thank you Chad, that was so simple and perfect. It is good to be brought back down to the basics today and live for the only reason there is to live: CHRIST.
Chad that's a very awesome thread. It's so true, I used to wonder about it, and i would ask people that question also. My answer is also to praise God and love each other. but you look at it, there isn't much love in this world. it's so sad. even in church, there's hate. We as Christian really gotta learn what real love is and love everyone, not excluding any particular person or group. God bless you Chad!
your sis, Tanya