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Life in the Rearview Mirror

Staff Member
"Is it not my family God has chosen? Yes, he has made an everlasting covenant with me. His agreement is arranged and guaranteed in every detail. He will ensure my safety and success. 2 Samuel 23:5 NLT

David, Israel’s most famous king, was nearing the end of His life. The king had a lot of years to review and time was not on his side.

He could have lamented poor choices, impulses, and personal example. He could have focused on his personal achievements, adventurous life, and winner-take-all battle with the giant, Goliath. He could have. He didn’t.

David spent most of his final words recounting the faithfulness of God. He called Him a rock, fortress, and deliverer. He recalled the bad days and the God who made them good. He saw the value of following the God of both mercy and justice.

The list of those who had negatively impacted King David was long, but his last moments were spent remembering the goodness of God instead of the imperfections of man.

If this resonates with you as an I-want-that-too kind of life, take courage! Always remember the goodness of God. It will bring the contrast needed to see a value far greater than bitterness, revenge, or an unforgiving spirit. This thinking changes a man.

Prayer: Dear God, between now and the moment my life is over, I have the opportunity to live without regrets, revenge, and reactionary living. May my life be so changed between now and that day that people will think of You when they remember me.
Excellent message brother,

I often wonder what people actually see when they look at Life in their Rearview Mirror.

For many they see pain and suffering, some see mental, physical or sexual abuse, for others a daily struggle to survive.

Some are blessed to have had a comfortable life, but these people tend to find life at the end hard to cope with, they are not used to pain, illnesses, disabilities.

Some are blessed to have suffered during life, they cope better towards the end as they are used to the ups and downs and calamities along the way.

But whether life was good or bad, easy or hard, it was their life, and all lives are worthy of reflection.

What did I really do in my life, was it for me, was it for God? Was I selfish, was I humble? Who hurt me, who did I hurt? Unless we forgive others God cannot forgive us, it is good to look in the rear view mirror of life, tomorrow could be to late.

As we look back at our life we will no doubt think about our sins, we realize that even though we are saved and all our sins are forgiven there were more than we truly care to remember. But we should remember, it gives us chance to let God know we do realize what we did, said and thought, some may have been wicked things at the time and we let God know we are truly sorry. Opening up our hearts is wonderful to do at anytime, opening up lets things out, things that would not normally surface, it releases us, it heals us, it brings blessings in abundance.

To God be the Glory
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Staff Member
Well said brother. In reflection, we can see what trials & tribulations God has seen us through, and with these help others to know the Grace we have been showed with through our Lord and Savior by introducing them to our Jesus.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.