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LEV 14:1-15:33; Jesus Christ symbolized in the healing of leprosy

Preview: LEV 14:1-15:33 "Seeing YESHUA in the healing of leprosy"

PARASHA: METZORA (infected one)

LEVITICUS 14:1 - 15:33...............2 KINGS 7:3-20...............ROM 6:8-23

We continue to study the case of "leprosy" (skin diseases) in people, and in the same manner, mold and mildew in clothing, and house mold. All are considered "metzora" (infected ones, things)

Some believe that "leprosy" comes as a result of different kinds of sin, etc, slander, gossip, unjust verbal attacks on others, such as the case for Miriam, when she criticized Moshe for marrying an Ethiopian woman, she (the Cushite woman) was black, and G-d turned Miriam "white" (with leprosy) maybe Adonai was making a statement, that He did not care about skin color, nor races, many today can learn from that, maybe racism would stop if leprosy was attached to racist people, Moshe prayed for Miriam's healing, "Oh LORD heal her" (the shortest prayer in the bible) and the LORD did just that (after 7 days)

Parasha "Metzora" talks about when a person was "healed" of a skin disease, what the person had to do, we can see Messiah Yeshua in many ways here. the priest had to go outside the camp to see the person, examine the person to see if indeed the leprosy was gone. We can see a separation of "tahor" (clean) and "tamei" (unclean) nothing "inside the camp" could be "tamei" it shows us a "Holy, Righteous God" who can not and will not tolerate sin in his presence, only through Messiah Yeshua can we be made "tahor" (clean) and re-enter HIS camp.

Two birds were used, cedar wood, scarlet, hyssop, and running water. The clean birds reminds us of the dove, and pigeons, which were used in sacrifice by the poor, Yeshua's parents brought two turtle-doves as a sacrifice. One bird was killed in an earthen ware vessel over running water. We see the mixing of "water and blood" symbolizing when Yeshua was crucified, "Blood and water" came out of his side, the running water = "Yeshua the Living Water" the earthen-ware vessel (a pot) reminds us of the humbleness of our Messiah, who was of the earth, God become man, the second "Adam" (Blood + Spirit+ earth = Man)

The living bird would be dipped into the pot with the water and blood, together with the cedar wood, scarlet, and hyssop, and the priest would sprinkle (it) 7 times over the person healed of leprosy, we say IT because probably IT was the combination of all 4 things, (I am sure the living bird was struggling to get away, but held tight by the priest together with the wood, scarlet and hyssop). We see the living bird as a reminder that we have "life" through the blood of the "dead" bird, in our case, we have "life" through the blood of "Yeshua" , the cedar wood reminds us of the cross of Calvary, the scarlet reminds us of the blood, and the hyssop, reminds us of Passover, when the Israelites used hyssop to put blood on the doorposts of their houses, again, "Life" through the "blood'

So the "now healed" person was sprinkled with the combination of "blood an water" as we were healed of our "sickness of sin and death" through the "blood" of Yeshua which came out his side together with water. Then the person would wash himself and wash his clothes, as he was now "clean". On the 8th day, (the number "8" symbolizing "new life") he would take three perfect lambs, fine flour mixed with oil, and give these to the priest who offered these before YHVH, we see much symbolism here, "three lambs" (the Father, the Son, and the Spirit) "3" symbolizing "resurrection and divine completeness" the person was a living "dead" but now received "life" anew.

the oil and flour remind us of the "anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh" and the "Bread of Life" who is Yeshua. The priest would sacrifice the lambs and would take a pit of the blood and also a bit of the oil and anoint the person who was healed with the blood and oil on his right ear, right thumb, and right toe. We see this as a reminder to the person, and to us, that we should always HEAR (Shema) the voice of HaShem (through his Torah) and DO/PERFORM, his mitzvoth (good deeds) and WALK in HIS ways, a righteous, Torah based lifestyle. This would be a message to the person that was healed, to "change his or her lifestyle, OR a worse case of leprosy could overcome that person, perhaps, the "worse case scenario" just like Yeshua said to the woman accused of adultery, "GO and SIN NO MORE"

It is a message to us as well. One could argue the fact that skin diseases come from our sinful lifestyle, but it is entirely possible. But I do not want to take that chance, fool around with sin and then get a skin rash as a result, kind of scary, and embarrassing, especially if it is on your face or arms and legs, "visible places" (where ALL can see) "Oi vey!"

A house with mold and mildew was also checked by a priest, the "leprous" stones or bricks would be washed, scraped clean, and then new plaster applied, if the "mold or mildew" returned, then those stones or bricks would have to be removed and replaced, if the "mold and mildew" returned even after that, the whole house would have to be destroyed, and rebuilt. It is said by some Torah commentators that Adonai used leprosy in the house and clothes as warnings, It would start in the house, if the person did not repent, the leprosy would pass from the house to the person's clothing, if the person still did not heed God's warning, the person himself or herself would be struck with leprosy.

Who knows the mind of Adonai? HE makes himself known by different ways, and warns us by different methods.
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2 KINGS 7:3-20

We read the story about the 4 leprous men who stumbled across the Syrian camp which was abandoned by the Syrian army, Adonai performed a miracle and made the Syrians hear the noise of a mighty army, so they fled. I guess the lepers thought that either the Syrians would kill them, since they were considered "sick and contaminated" or they would have mercy on them, and they would get food, but much to their surprise, they saw an empty camp, and food, water, weapons, clothing, etc. They did not keep the good news to themselves, but returned to tell the king.

Sometimes, when bad times befall some people, they become selfish and feel sorry for themselves, but it was not so for these guys with leprosy, even though they were "unclean" they went back and let the city know that the "bad times were over" who knows if they themselves received healing from God for their thoughtfulness. We'll find out in heaven some day.
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ROMANS 6:8-23

Rav Shaul writes about our new life through Messiah, that we should not let sin reign in our mortal bodies, remember that our bodies are still sinful, and that is why our bodies get sick and waste away, but because we are "renewed" in the spirit, we should live "spirit-filled lives" despite the temptations that attract our carnal selves. The last verse is a favorite of many; "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Yeshua HaMashiach" our "Adonai" Death will come to ALL, (physically) but "Spiritually" we will live forever with HIM who "set us free from the curse of sin" plus we will get new bodies as well.

Shabbat Shalom..................rabbi Ben Avraham