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LEV 12:1-13:59 "when a woman gives birth" plus 2 more themes

Preview: LEV 12:1-13:59 when a woman gives childbirth...and...

Parasha: TAZRIA (when she bears seed) LEV 12:1-13:59.................2 KINGS 4:42-5:19.....................MATTHEW 8:1-4

In this Parasha study, we see two themes, one of which when a woman gives birth and the other which covers what we usually call "leprosy" and finally, why do we say "Happy New Year" today?

When a woman gives birth to a male child, she is considered unclean for 7 days, but she is not to forget that on the 8th day, she is to have her child circumcised, and afterwards, she is to remain in a state of "purification" for 33 days. Why all these days, scripture does not shed light, yet we can see that "7" is the perfect number of holiness, "8" is the number for a "new beginning". The male child is circumcised on day 8, the child goes from being in the womb to the "outside world" participating in the covenant of Abraham, this is the child's "new beginning" the woman goes through "41" days of recuperation, her body has been "tested" for 9 months, and she goes through 7 days of . could one say, isolation, if that be the case, then 33 days of purification, one could say, "rest and relaxation" hopefully, the husband and family will attend to her needs during this time, afterwards, the husband can; "know her" again.

If the woman births a female baby, the case is different, mother must remain unclean for 14 days, and afterwards, purification time of 66 days, that is a total of 80 days. Why the longer time? scripture does not say. But we see the number "8" again in (80) "a new beginning" could we say for both mother and child. giving birth to a female, (some believe) is more taxing to the mother, she suffers more. We can see that in birthing children, there are 2 souls involved (nefesh) the mother's nefesh and the child's nefesh, but with the female, she carries eggs inside her, potential "nefeshim" (souls) once they are fertilized by the male *****, thus creating more "living souls" (nefesh chayim), so, within the female baby are many more (future babies) all awaiting to be born in God's perfect timing. Perhaps this is why the mother needs the extra time to rest and relax, and "begin anew" after 80 days, (just an opinion)

TZA-ARAT: (leprosy) the rest of the Parasha deals with this. But the word "Tza-arat" covers "all skin diseases in general" not only leprosy, (which is the worse case scenario) this is when the nerves die and the body goes "feeling less" and fingers dry and fall off, the nose falls off, ears, fall off, the body extremities just rot away. Today there is medicine available for this disease, but thousands of years ago, this disease was a death sentence, unless the person was healed by Yeshua. But the general meaning of "tza-arat" is "diseases and disorders of the skin" from mild skin rashes, scabies, shingles, ring worm, psoriasis, etc. People who had these diseases had to be isolated from the camp of Israel, and be inspected by the priest, if the disease was not serious, and it went away, the person could come back after isolation, if not, they were considered "tamei" (unclean) we can only imagine the pain and suffering some went through if their "tza-arat" was the worse case,

Miriam was struck with tza-arat, for 7 days, for having criticized Moshe, that is why "tza-arat" is related to "Leshon-hara" (evil tongue) some believe that skin diseases come from having a loose and gossiping tongue (it has never been proved though). Moshe prayed the shortest prayer in the Bible, "LORD, please heal her" and Adonai healed her, Baruch HaShem!

Tza-arat is also known as "mildew" in clothing, and "mold" in houses and buildings. God gives instructions to wash and clean clothing with mildew, if it re-appears, it must be burned, same with houses, if mold is found in the walls, one has to replace the wall, thousands of years ago, God knew the dangers of mold in housing walls and structures, something we just found out a few years ago. No wonder he says "tear it down" if it returns .

There is such a thing as being "tamei" spiritually, we can have "tza-arat" of the spirit, and be "unclean" spiritually, if we do not walk in God's ways of his Torah, refuse to honor the Sabbath, ignore his Holy days, walk contrary to the Torah, living in rebellion is being "tamei" but through "Teshuvah" repentance, and returning to God's ways, bring us forgiveness, and we become "tahor" clean again. through the blood of Yeshua.
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2 KINGS 4:42-5:19

tells the story of Naaman the Syrian, who suffered from some type of tza-arat, could have been the worse case, we can ask him in Heaven what he had, and he will certainly tell us. But he was healed, BUT he had to OBEY and BELIEVE. if it was only just bathing in the Jordan river 7 times, and he was healed, sometimes, healing comes just as easy as just BELIEVING and OBEYING the promises of God.
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MATT 8:1-4

tells a similar story, of a leper who was healed by YESHUA, He ASKED, and put forth his hand, (faith) and YESHUA responded with love and forgiveness. Yet Yeshua told him to go back and show himself to the priest and to offer a sacrifice for his healing, showing that Yeshua had respect for the written Torah and commandments, after all, HE wrote them through Moshe. Yes, healing is still for today, YET not in all cases, in some cases, GOD brings his children home to heaven through diseases, although many diseases can be avoided, and some get sick because of disobedience. (eating what we shouldn't eat) which bring us back to Leviticus 11.


happiness and joy on this first day of Nisan) (April 9th, of Gregorian Calendar)
when we look back at Exodus, and read chap 12: verse 2, we read "This month shall be your beginning of months, it shall be the first month of the year to you" so where does January 1st fit in? IT DOESN'T

Shabbat shalom; Rabbi Ben Avraham (Jimmie)