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Letting Go

Blue, red, black
marked her cheek
tears wet

Hand-printed arm
blood mouth
red-shot eyes

Standing at her
door, no where to
turn, no one to care

I wrapped my arms
around her, letting
her weep all that

was in her. All that
needed to be let
go, all that he once had.
You Knocked Me Over With The Power Of You're Poem !!! God-bless You , And Thank-you Very Much . Big-brother
Banned: Broke Rules Several Times
As a poem it was rather weak, but I do agree that there is some power, well towards the end. Sometimes the message outweighs the structure.

Most poems are weak when there are 3 or less words in each line. Unless the words themselves, not the sentence it forms, has meaning it rarely works. Not putting your poem down, and definitely not you, but I'm just talking from experience.
Staff Member
Wang Master...second warning..learn to be polite or learn the way out the door. One more and your banned.