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Lets Not Get Weary .

Don't Grow Weary


9-Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
God has a harvest of blessing in mind for us. Don't let the
devil steal it away from you by discouraging you into giving
up. Trust in God. He is able to put us over.

Time has a way of wearing us down and eroding our hopes and
dreams. We must look to God for strength and courage and refuse
discouragement. We must, with God's help, overcome instead
of being overcome by life and circumstances.

Life is not easy. There are obstacles and unexpected turns in
the road. But always God is with us, for us, and in us as
believers in Jesus Christ. When we grow weary in doing good, it
is always because we are losing sight of God and eternity.

As we walk in faith and refuse to give up we bring glory
and pleasure to God. Imagine how it thrills God when someone,
like you, continues to trust in Him and thank Him
even when it does not look like it is working out very good. Read the Bible.

We are not the first to be tested, or have to wait for the promise
to be manifested. But God is always faithful. He will never fail us.

Our faith cannot be in ourselves or our ability because that
can fail. Only God cannot fail, so we must keep our faith in
Him and His ability to sustain us and help us.

Remember that as a believer, the Greater One is in you and
He is greater than any problem or difficulty. He will help us.
God has the answer for your situation.

Look to Him and we will not be disappointed.

Peace and God bless you . MikeT4G
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Amen. Amen.

I needed to read that. Yes, I believe that the Lord will help me through this thing. I will not be discouraged. The Lord is my Help and my Salvation. There are obstacles. Things in the road. Did God tell the prophet "Nothing is too difficult for me" Why then should I grow weary.

The LOrd is my strength, the Lord is my helper. Amen

Amen brother. Sometimes when we can't see anything happening in our lives we can get discouraged. It's so important to remember never to give up, God is always working in the background, even though we can't see what He is doing. God is still on the Throne.

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