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Lets make the Teen Bible Discussion work, see you friday

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters. A week or so ago you may have, and probably did, receive a pm from either Princess487 or Forever89 about joining and participating here on Talk Jesus and especially in the teens room on live chat. Some of you are already active members, some just started and some of you replied to my message. I am glad to see you all participating.
We decided we need to pick a particular time and day to do Bible discussions just for teens. We are starting with a few teenagers, to see how things will go, and hopefully we'll see others joining up and the word will be spread. Every Friday at 4:00 PST, we will meet at the Teens room on live chat to discuss a particular topic. (To see what time that will be for you if you’re aren’t in the pacific, look below.) You are going to receive PMs on what the topic will be about so you can get ready and come discuss it with us.
This Friday we are getting ready to discuss the spiritual armor that you need to have to be safe and grow spiritually in this world. You will find that written in Eph. 6:11-20. Study and prepare for the discussion. We hope to see all of you in the Teens room on Friday at 4:00 PST.
This isn’t final. We are just testing it out for now to see if it will actually work out. The day and time might change due to the schedules of teenagers. We know that teenagers these days are very busy. If this time and/or day doesn’t work for you please, send a PM to Princess487 suggesting another time that will work for you. Also, we are thinking that because of the different times and places for all of us, we might make have two discussions. One at 4:00 pm PST and another at 1:00 am PST. We aren’t sure about that one yet. If you have any questions or comments please PM either Princess487 or Forever89. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you this Friday for the discussion. God bless you all, bye bye
Your sisters, Princess487 and Forever89

My time is GMT -8:00 so calculate your time and stuff and if you have questions about the time issue, contact princess487
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discusion worked :D

Hello you all, The discussion went alright, there are some things that need improvement, like organazation, but I was happy that about 7 people showed up. I encourage all of you teens to show up next friday. it'll be a blessing to us all. also, if you're not a teen and are interested, you're welcome to come, us teens got a lot to learn from the older folks. God bless you all. i'll post the discussion topic in a bit, as of now, we'll see you next friday. God bless
your sis, Tanya
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