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Let us role play for a moment, The males play “Adam” the Females Eve. Your thoughts after Eden, now hiding.

Adam: why did I do that, things sure looks different around here,,smells different too. I don’t feel right, what are these feelings I’m having? [ Adam is speaking to himself quietly] beside Eve.

Ok do everyone gets it? All males are Adams, females are Eves. Make it sound real. You remember how you got saved. It does not matter how many different Adams or Eves there are, but follow the patten. We know the story. And remember you are fallen creatures now. And you notice how you have changed.

Where I left off, continue. And do not rush through the scene.
Eve is speaking: why is Adam shaking so, and why is his skin feeling so wet and what is that odor coming from him [as they hid among the trees, hiding from God].

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