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I was just wondering what everyone else was doing for lent?

I've given up chocolate and sweets this year and I'm already finding it hard to keep away from them lol, but I'm not giving up just yet!

Was just wondering.


Bex x
I'm giving up meats, this will be extremely hard but i will take it day by day eventhough i think i might have broken it today accidently, I still want to do this its my first time. Thats bad 2 days into lent and im already messin up its tough
hmm...i've never done that before..Altho I have fasted with my church...that was hard. So yea, mybe I will participate.
Hey guys, I've never done lent, but really want to do it this year! What do you recommend giving up for a first timer? Maybe chocolate and junk food or something else?

When does Lent start and when do you end??
hey guys i have also never do lent before and to be honest lent is not my type of thing because you see my mother goes to catholic church and she does lent and i go to a pentecostal church and i don't lent because my mother smokes and drinks and she says for lent that she is giving up smoking and drinking, but you know what she goes right back to it so i think that what makes me not a believer

because i think that you should not give up something only for a month you should go and give it up for good i believe in change and change is something good if you gonna stop smoking for a month and go back to it i think its totally wrong.

guys remember thats my opinion
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I never "lented" before, but discipline of the flesh never hurts. So I gave up all acidic, carbonated drinks (which I am addicted to-but it's for Jesus!)

Rather than 'giving up' something, I'm trying to add something. I'm doing a good turn every day, which is something unexpected and lovely.

For example, on Saturday I was in a bookshop and picked up a book to buy, at the same moment a mum and her daughter came along with the daughter sounding all excited about this particular book. I realised it was the one I was about to purchase, so handed it over to her. It made my day!

I've also so far surprised my mum with a bunch of flowers, sent text messages to my friends to say how much they mean to me, secretly bought people an ice-cream, letting people out in front of me in the traffic, and just little things to make people smile and maybe then they'll pass the good feeling on!!