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"Left Behind" books...

Hi there... has anyone heard of these books? "Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins? ... I recently saw the movies of the first two books... and I loved them... Did anyone read these books? and even if they are fiction novels, are they respecting everything that the Bible says about the end-times?... are these books fundamented on the Bible?.... thank you.
Hey FiLiP! Yes, I have read the entire series as well as the 2 (of 3) prequels that came out after the original series. I do believe that these books have their foundation very closely based on the Bible and what it says about the end times. However, you have to understand that they must take some artistic license because no one can say for sure about many of the details (i.e. who the anti-christ is, where he will be from, etc., etc.). I really enjoyed the series! Hope this helps? God bless you!
Hi F (i L i) P, I read the first three or four of the books (couldn't afford to keep buying them) and I enjoyed them. To me they seemed quite accurate from what I understand of the book of Revelation - even though they are novels and had stories through them.
i have read all the books available for the left behind series and I have read other series by both Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye. I enjoy them.. Sunshine try the library here where I am they have them all
thanx guys... I know the detailes are JUST detailes, fiction.... I was talking about the books as a "whole" ... so thank you...

I just ordered the first book .... I'm soooooo anxious