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leaving everything u have to follow christ

its written in bible that to follow christ u should leave everything that u have.
it include your family,money your assets etc.and also when u r preaching u cant take even two pair of clotes with you.so do you think that inorder to preach or follow christ u should betray everything you have and be completely
poor with full faith in jesus
No Matthew, you have read more into the passages of scripture you refer to than what is there. Namely, these commands were not written to "you" or "me." However we as His followers are instructed not to love "these" more than Christ. Being 'sold out' to His kingdom, (my own term) means being willing to give all that He asks of us, and this does not come with a promise of riches nor poverty, but only that God will always provide. Jesus said "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." So the question we must all ask ourselves individually is what do I treasure, the things of men, or the things of God?
Hi Matthew,

They are great questions!

I do believe that God has called some people to give up all their possessions and personal dreams to follow Him, but mostly God gives us material possessions and dreams so that we can serve Him better with these gifts.

If we really love the Lord and want to follow Him, then his plans become our passion!

We do need to be careful that family, friends, finances, ourselves, etc don't come before God. (Having said that, the Bible clearly teaches that we need to look after our relatives, etc, while always putting God first!)

Basically, we need to be careful that money or material possessions or anything else doesn't come before, or replace, our devotion to God.

Your reference to the preachers was very specifically for that group of early disciples at that particular time only.

Nowhere in the Bible does it infer the being poor is a virtue!!! (God does bless and grant faith to poor people though.)

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