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Learn to See Beyond the Normal Perception of Things

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Learn to see beyond the normal perception of things. The normal perception of things is the herd mentality. You’re just going along with the herd. But the herd is on its way to the stockyard and the slaughterhouse.

When you start to think beyond the box you start thinking with faith. Faith is critical to Gods plan.

Faith is a creator; your mind and spirit get into sync. And they start working together with the Word to formulate your future.

Anyone who dares to be different will encounter resistance.

God is not looking for what I can do, He’s looking for what I cannot do

Negative information is always free. Positive information must be searched for.

Faith never allows your destiny to be settled by chance

Never cease doing difficult things even if you lose approval or become disliked

Never deviate from your vision. If you want to get defeated just get distracted

You have to have power over yourself. You have to be able to tell yourself NO

The habit of criticism grows as faith declines

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