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Last night on Television, I saw a presentation that made my “Spirit Tremble” with such fear, but not directed to me!

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I like to look at the PBS station broadcast channel. Last night they were showing “Earth’s Sacred Wonders”. “The Great Sacred Temple’s “ all over the world, Ancient Temples most of them. And how people care for them now and worship them, some Temple was of such splendor and the gods & statues they look up too, the people and vacation visitors having great feast in praise and honor, Then all of a sudden a great fear came upon me, that my soul Tremble. As if I saw the Face and heard a “Strong Voice” that said. “Look ,what they are Doing”
I got scared. But I knew it wasn’t directed at me. I have face death a few times, a couple of real bad accidents, they wonder how I survived, I gun at my head with the hammer pulled back, even this “Covid-19”, I have had no fear, even a hint. But last night, while viewing that “Earth’s Sacred wonders”. I’m still feeling tremors! Mark my words! Something ain’t right! “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN”! And so far “Figs”, has been falling of the tree, like untimely figs.