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Last Days DREAMS

I think it would be cool if we could share our vision dreams! I have had a few over the years! I will not try to take up tons of lines but! it seemed so cool! ********************************************************** #1 (this was a powerful dream! TRY HARD TO GET IT!) I saw Jesus off in the clouds. and I felt within myself the longing to go to him! I started praying! and then I was carried up to him! we went up to hover in space above the earth. I saw Jesus Look DEEP into Our Hearts and gaise lovingly into our eyes as we would look down imbarest to look at him knowing we fall short in life!.. but he would tilt on chin upward to meet our eyes and FILL YOU WITH GODLY P_O_W_E_R_F_U_L L_O_V_E ! healing ALL! then I saw him turn and gaise at sadly at the earth! ( NOW this is the emotions part!) I FELT His sorrow!!! (not that he GAVE it to me to feel!) but he was hurting so MUCH inside for the humans! af all time! wanting them to be one with Him!.. (I always thought Jesus would look a certain way. but he looked better! its hard to describe!).. I then slowly started back toward earth alone! BUT!!!!! HERE IS THE MOST HEAVYEST THING OF THIS DREAM! The LOVE!!!!! I felt the most HIGHEST INTENSE PURE TRUE LASTING LOVE! not from me!! BUT FROM HIM!! and I always thought we would be clingy toward Jesus! but try to get this! think of a ora around him! the love did not da-min-ish the farther you got from him! it stayed constant! in power no mater WHERE you are! near or far.. and here was the last in site I got from him! we think we love Jesus ! But REALLY it was us just OPENING up to let HIM love US! like if you point at your chest now.thats the direction WE GO!! inward we absorb.. but with Jesus ..point outward now! ALL of his HEART / GIFTS / CARE / SELF !! he pours THAT direction ON US! and For US! so really every PART of the thing WE call Love! is only drippings of the TIDE he has for us! he wants us to LET HIM LOVE US! the end *************************************************** #2. but a lighthouse in your mind on a hill! now back off! on a strait line from that.. think of it as a road leading to the light! now you have this dream in mind! you are dressed in armor and walking with your eyes on the light ahead! BUT now you look down and start swaying on that path left and right. and lined up on each side of the road is demons. poking and prodding you. as your sheild and sword are dragging at your side! ( I hope you know what the peices of armor you are suppose to have on . represent! in the word for you! ) so you see the HEAVY point of this dream? ....YOU have taken your eyes OFF of the strait and narrow paths Light( JESUS!) and instead of holding up your armor and USING IT! you get pounded on each side of your walk along that road!..when you don't have to!.. IF you KEEP YOUR EYES ON HIM! and USE the PROVISIONS HE PROVIDED YOU!.. its a war! and the only way !! we can not get pulled off that road is keeping our eyes on him! USE the armor! and WALK the STRAIT and narrow Path! **************************************************** more later.
That must have been a wonderful dream

Welcome to the forum unmeritedGRACE :boy_hug:

All Praise The Ancient Of Days
my dream about Jesus:
I can't remember all parts
Situation 1
Jesus was holding me and flying. He was in white garment, and i felt like cotton. I could see peaks of mountains passing by underneath
Situation 2
On a dawn in a black forest, I could hear the sounds made by birds.
I was hiding behind a big tree. I saw Jesus with 2 male angels. Before Him, there was a western man with white dress kneeling down and Jesus laid his hand on the man's head. The most impressive thing was I felt the glory of God. It was kind of Lights but no way like any other lights I've seen in nature or in movie. the lights were live, that is there were lives in the lights(glory). It pass me the message that he is the God.
The feeling I had at that time was so peaceful and in my brain, nothing. Absolutely nothing. no fear, no pain, no family, no girlfriend, no money, no hunger-----nothing. Only God in my eyes and in my heart.
I couldnt see his face .cause it was too bright to see. Not like the way you look at Sun, you could see HIm directly, but cause the glory you couldnt see clearly.
Years ago when I was a fallen backsliding christian.. ,, I thought I had lost my salvation.. because I turned my back on God...

I used to get dreams every week or month.. all the same.. and they were the most vivid dreams I had every had.. like watching it in HDTV..

They all started the same. I was either outside in the country or city and suddenly the sky would darken clouds moving around fast.. people all around were scared and nervous because we knew Jesus was coming right now.. I would then fall down on my knees beg for giviness before it was too late before he came back.. Then I would wake up just before he came.

Needless to say I was scared and shaken all day long.. I knew God was calling me back .. The last dream I had was it started out the same but Jesus was standing right beside and he put his arm around me and hugged me and I just couldnt say anything.. I was just taken aback that he was hugging me and I didnt even ask for forgiviness..I woke up right away and started crying.

Well I did get right with God and very truely thankfull that he cares so much for me ....

In love Kevin
Thanks for sharing your dream Hebrews11

They are different from normal dreams arn't they. They have a different color and feel.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days