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Labor in the streets

written by Michelle Ross
Labor in the Steets!

The night fell over the city.
People quickly walked to their homes and their destination for the evening.
Shop owners quickly locked up . All the recent events from the gangs have really become a burden to the local town.
Who was going to help this city regain its freedom from the gang who had claimed it as their territory?
Shots fired all hours of the night. Even the police didn’t drive thru unless they were accompanied with other units.
Only ones who dared to walk the streets at night was the gangs who fought over the territory.
The park filled with empty swings and whiskey bottles.
It had gotten so bad that the church down the end of the block had closed up and moved to a different location. Day wasn’t as bad as the night hours but still so much crime had been taking place that there was a curfew order of 3 pm. For all children.
Curtains drawn hiding any evidence of anyone home from the outside.
Only one was brave enough to attempt to travel the streets. A young man named Richey . He was a missionary determined to reach out to the local gangs and make a difference in them.
He put all his faith in God to protect him from all danger. He grabbed up his bible which was his only weapon, and headed out to the park. He knew they would be there.
As he approached the park he could see the gang members all standing around talking to one another.
Passing their joints and whiskey bottles around to each other. One of them spotted Richey walking up .
he tapped another guy on the back pointing at Richey.
a few that were sitting on the ark bench stood to their feet watching Richey walking up. They pulled out their switch blades.
The leader of them singled for them to put it away. He thought to his self this one is a brave soul to just walk up to them like this. Richey stood in front of them with no fear in his eyes and a purpose written on his heart. To bring them to know Jesus and to restore this neighborhood back to the people.
The leaders name was Tito. Tito looked up and down at Richey then asked “ are you loco man? “
Richey smiled then said, “ they said Jesus was so I guess I am because I have become like him through the Blood he spilled at Calvary.
A few of the gang members stood with their hands over their mouths snickering.
Tito replied, “ Alright preacher boy what do you want man?”
Richey looked in his eyes and said, “ !0 minutes of your time is all I ask. “
Tito looked back at the others and laughed saying, well he has guts maybe we need to spill them for him.
Richey didn’t flinch a muscle or even show any concern. He then asked Tito, If you give me ten minutes I promise I will leave and never return . In fact I will lay down my bible and let you do what you want to me.
Tito thought for a moment then answered ok I will tell you what you got spunk we will give you your ten minutes but after that your out of here you punk!
Richey asked them to have a seat on the bench,
Tito responded no we will stand . Richey smiled then said ok your choice but speaking of choice I guess you choose hell over heaven too huh?
Tito lit up a cigarette and blew it in Richey’s face . Hurry Preacher you got 9 minutes now.
Tito what in hell do you want brother ? Can you answer that for me? Why would you want to suffer and be tortured for all eternally when you can have every desire and every need met. Why would you want to serve the evil you do when there is a Savior there who can give you so much more better.
Tito didn’t say a word . Richey looked at each one of them then continued, There is a God that will give you an unconditional love. You don’t have to prove anything to him he knows what is in your hearts. What kind of life is this drugs, violence, pain, whiskey, disease, and poverty.
Jesus died for you so you can be set free from this kind of life style! You don’t have to be in bondage! You can be a child if you desire only if you cry out to him and ask him to come in your heart.
Through him is the door to eternal life and happiness but the door you choose here is the door to death. Death from righteousness ! Dead from the truth! Death from freedom! My friends the life you have isn’t life its only death! You can have more out of life serving a living God then what you serve now.
Tito looked at his watch ok preacher 4 minutes.
Richey looked at one who had sit on the bench taking in every word he was saying. He could tell he was questioning him with out words. Richey walked over to him. Do you have a child son?
The boy looked at him then what do you care what I got and how is it your business? He asked playing cool. Richey looked at him and said well God had a son his only begotten son. He was crucified and hung on a cross risen from the dead and now he lives in all who chose to serve him.
He was and is the Christ! He will come again for those who live and abide in his commandments. For those who excepted him in their lives making him Lord over all! He wants to know you ! He wants you to be set free!
He opened his bible and read John chapter 13 too them then he closed it. He turned to Tito then said.
Ok I have finished with 2 minutes spear if you feel you need to take my life to make some kind of statement then do so because I am not worried about death for I don’t fear for my life for my life is not my own it belongs to the Jesus I speak about.
Tito looked at the others and said , Just go preacher man, and Leave us be!
Richey turned to walk away then he turned back around and through something over to Tito. It fell to the ground and Tito bend over to pick it up.
It was a chain with a Cross that said , trust in Jesus. Tito put it in his pocket not saying a word. They watched Richey walk off.

Later on through the night Richey was on his knees in his little run down apartment praying for the very souls he had ministered too earlier. A knock on his door. He got up to his feet and walked over. He opened the door. There stood the one he spoke too that sat on the bench and along beside him was Tito.
He waved his hand in motion for them to enter in. Richey sat at his kitchen table and looked at them.
Tito walked over to him and threw the chain down in front of him. Then said, God didn’t give me a father that was loving he sat back and let him pound my face in over and over. He wasn’t there when my mother took her own life because she couldn’t take the beatings anymore. Where was your god when my brother lied in a pool of his own blood gunned down for 2 dollars .
Richey looked at Tito as he whipped the tears from his eyes. Then said this, Tito , He was there the day your brother was shot. I knew your brother just as I know your whole family. I sat behind your brother in church when it was still open for service. I can promise you he was there with your brother reaching down and picking him up carrying him off from this world to where he no longer has to suffer or hurt. As for your mother I like to think God brought her home. He knew all she endured . The years of abuse and yet she still did her best to raise you boys. She loved God but she had all she could handle in this world. I want to believe god forgave her for taking her own life. I have to believe when she pulled that trigger she was still alert enough to holler out to him even if it was in the spirit . I am not saying what she done was without sin, but all sins are covered by the blood.
Your Father on the other hand, well you have a Father who loves you and he wants you to be a son. He has all the love you never had growing up . He was there with you when you were beaten just as he was when Jesus was .God never turned away from you . It was you who chose to turn from him. He is here now waiting on you to call out to him Tito. He gave the greatest sacrifice . His only begotten son just so he could have you and others too as part of his kingdom in Heaven .
He gave a door to you don’t turn away again . Reach out to him Tito.
Tito fell to his knees there in that old run down apartment crying . The other boy with him his name was
Dave . He just sat on the floor with his eyes on Tito and Richey. Richey turned to him and said, There is a place for you too. He wants to be a father to you as well. He knows you have always wanted to fit in,
And be excepted . He excepts you and you fit in here with him. He bowed his head. Richey prayed over them what to seem be hours. After a while Tito stood to his feet . He walked over to the table and looked down at the chain he threw down. He picked it up and hung it around his neck.
He looked at Richey and asked him, will you teach us more about him. Richey smiled and replied you bet.

A week later Richey walked up the steps to the old church and cut of the lock with a pair of bolt cutters. He had purchased it from the pastor before. He walked in and examined the work needed to be done.
Chairs turned over . Trash every where . He began to sweep when he heard noise behind him. He turned and saw Tito and the whole gang there with cleaning supplies in their hands.
Tito smiled and asked,” well preacher is there going to be church later if we help clean this mess?”
Richey shook his head smiling. They all began cleaning. Richey looked over to the alter and went up to it and fell to his knees. Praising God for all hew was doing in him.
Hours later the old church bell rung . Through out the whole town you could here it.
Some came to find out what was going on but others still remained hidden. Freedom was coming to this neighbor hood. It was being established.
One faithful laborer in the Streets made an impact in many who were lost .

Remember we all are called to go and labor ! We are to serve him reaching to the lost!
We all have a story to tell about Jesus. You would be surprised who all would listen if you take the time to share it.
The lost just need someone to stand for them and give them something to believe in!
Are you willing to make an impact ?

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