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Hello, I'm from Japan. Now reside in the U.S.A. for almost 5 years. I now live in the pacific northwest. I work in gunsmithing and i'm an armorer for police and sheriff office, and retail civilian markets. I am almost at a journeyman level I still have one more year in my apprenticeship. I never thought I would do this kind of work. I never used to be Christian. Only about 1-2% people in Japan identify as Christian.

I am 27 years old, a cancer survivor, and a survivor of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster in Japan. I lived through the whole situation. I can't put it into words how scary it was. I am lucky girl to be alive. I should of drown and died from it. I thought I was dead I just remember being carried away in terrible contaminated waters. There was dead people everywhere. I thought I was passing out when I was actually dying. I seen this darkness. It seemed to last so long and I see a bright light. It turned red and there was these people I knew. Friends, relatives, they were smiling. Then all of a sudden. This man in this bright purple colored skin. Almost a reptile-like apparance, all scale skin like a snake looked at me it was terrifying. I see so many evil people we all know in this "cubes" It was horrifying. I wanted out of there. Then I thought. This is HELL. This is real. I can feel the pain and burning it won't stop. I yelled and called for Jesus.

I feel, and hear footsteps and then this feel these hands that were big and strong lift me up. It was all gone and next thing I knew, I was heaven. It was Jesus Christ. I was very scared, still terrified. Because I never believed in Jesus or God. I never knew there was Heaven, or a Hell. He told me there was no reason for me to be scared anymore. Then he showed me my life before my eyes as if it were on a TV Screen. I was reckless and I did a lot drugs. I just didn't care then. I stole from people, and I never got caught. But meeting Jesus changed all this. He said to me "I gave you life, a wonderful life, look what you are doing with it." I was crying. I said please I never want to go back there. Then he told me "You know of my presence. Then Jesus said "Follow me it is the way. The only way. You have a wonderful life. I saved you and I will save you again because I love you." It just makes me cry telling you all this story. I never knew such a person existed. I can't put it into words what Heaven is like it's amazing. Jesus is amazing. A man who died for all of us. It was hard for me to wrap myself around because It was hard for me to comprehend. I now read this Life Applications Study Bible it's really helped out a lot.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @Tomoko

Awesome testimony!
Quite the career path :)

Glad you have found your way here.

Once again be welcome!
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Welcome to the forums @Tomoko!

That's a beautiful testimony and I'm glad you shared this :) Jesus is the only way to eternal life.
Many people say that I am lucky that I got to me Jesus. God loves the lowly and foolish. That was me. The love I felt up in Heaven was amazing. I saw my mother, my father, and my grandpa. I didn't want to go back. I was wearing this white robe that even my most beautiful kimono wasn't as beautiful as this. Sometimes I get scared or cry when I talk, or think about it. But then I feel the Lord's love reassuring me. That he is not here to condemn, or punish me. I now tell this story to people back home. People that I never even met or know, when I stood before a group of people. It was at a very small local church in Tokyo with so many people. It was very crowded. I could feel the love and presence God in there so it didn't matter. Just like I did before. Total strangers I never even knew hugged me after my sermon I have had before the priest and church. Japan is s loving and very peaceful country. So many still don't know Christ. I'd like to change that.
Perhaps one day, you can go back as a missionary. People normally give more respect to those of their own nationality and race. May you find blessings in your time here.