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"Knock, knock." Who's there? "Jesus."

"Knock, knock." Who's there? "Jesus." Jesus who? "Your creator Father." My what? "Your beginning and your end. From the deapths of my heart I conceived you, and while I bore you in mind the Almighty God breathed life into your being. Thus have you been created." How do I know this is true? "From your point-of-view the truth is veiled by doubt and fear, you know only what you believe. Your mind is conditioned to accept belief without actual experience, thus are your views fragmented at best. I ask you this, "how do you know that you are alive?" Well, because my heart beats and I'm breathing. And I can see, hear, smell, think, and feel. "This is true, you believe you are alive because of experience. Just as you know the colors of a rainbow and the beauty of a sunset; or the soothing lull of waves crashing on the seashore and the ominous silence of snowfall in the forest. These things, even your own existence are only as real as your beliefs. Thus, choosing to believe in things not experienced is the origin of doubt, and from doubt comes fear. Fear is then the catalyst from which all things evil, or errors in thinking come forth. You do not know me as I am, for I am the Spirit of Truth. The things of spirit exist beyond your point-of-view but are more real than experience. The Spirit of God is the reason your heart beats and the air you breath allows you to experience life. The Spirit of God is the foundation on which All Things physical are formed, live and die. The vessel you carry through life is the incubator of your soul, in which you experience life by the manner of your own choosing to parent and nurture the growth of spiritual identity. And I am with you always, as I have created you as a part of myself--yet separate. I am your creator Father, and I am more real in you then your physical design. Seek always for the Spirit of Truth with your whole heart and let experience be your teacher."

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