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King Jesus and King David? Together??

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by LionOfJudah216, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. Is there any scripture you can point me towards that will answer whether or not King David will rule with Jesus Christ?

    Thank You.
    I am bible illiterate, yet the story has always inspired me -still to this day.
  2. Where did you get such a question?

    Jesus sits upon the thrown of David. Acts 2:29-31
  3. Jesus is the king of Kings
  4. That Jesus comes in the Davidic line is because the Messiah must be of the Davidic line. However while David was the Jewish king, Jesus heralds the Kingdom of God. The Christian hope is in God's Kingdom and not David's. So, no. David is not equal to Jesus.
  5. Hi, Lion of Judah!
    Hey, I've seen it and know what you refer to. I think the folks misunderstood your question. There's mention that David's kingdom will be restored etc. in several places, 2Samuel 7:16 mentions it, and Amos 5:18-20 and 9:11. Jesus will of course be the ultimate King of the coming Kingdom, within the Trinity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit. It is written that we shall rule & reign with Him, but exact details aren't given. See Matthew 1:1 & 2:6 and Acts 2:22-36. In Act 15:13-18 James describes the kingdom of David already restored, but I would say only partially. Romans 11:25-26 also mentions.

    David's kingdom will be restored, but someone from the direct lineage must be seated on the throne: none other than Jesus! This would be over the kingdom of Israel, and purely speculation here: another kingdom of the Gentiles [non-Jews] might co-exist in the Eternal Love of God, with Jesus the Ultimate Ruler over all.

    Though some say that the kingdom of Israel was restored in 1948 with the return to homeland, that current state doesn't fit the full description of the coming kingdom. We may expect exciting new understandings of that, once this of the fallen world is done away, and sin is forever gone, and we stand in the very presence of God, Jesus as He is seated on the Almighty Throne!

    But, no excuse for being a Bible illiterate with all of the tools there are now! I like the King James Version of the Bible, but it's written in old English and some are challenged by that. There's now a New King James Version that's still very accurate, not quite as accurate as older version, but as easy to read as the Sunday paper! You can usually find these at a library, to check it out, depending where you live. That way you can 'Try before you buy'. Also a New King James, side-by-side with original King James will tell you all you'd ever want to know of the Word of Scripture.

    Also there's some GREAT study helps to explain anything that's at all complicated: Halley's Bible Handbook is excellent, also Unger's Bible Handbook is very good. Really helps get a picture of what stuff is about in a bigger picture.

    Also there are Bibles like mine that are called Key Study and Reference Bible. Mine's the Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible, King James Version, by World Publishers AMG Publishers. It has study notes keyed to major important verses to explain them, with those notes by Spiros Zodhiates, a very highly respected Greek & Hebrew language & Bible scholar. Also a great feature: the verses have notations so that you can refer to other verses on the same subject, such that the Bible explains itself! This Bible has many other features too, like sections with Lexical aids to Old Testament and New Testment language, a Concordance, Scripture Index, plus a Hebrew and a Greek Dictionary! I love it and it keeps you well prepared wherever you go!

    For more advanced study an invaluable aid is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, which has almost every word in the Bible listed, so you can find a word and see instantly all the places it's used ! Also at the back there's a Hebrew Dictionary and a Greek dictionary, to concisely translate the words found in the original manuscripts! Totally cool!!

    Sounds sort of strange to some, but this thing of the Bible can be great fun and exciting beyond words! Once you jump in you'll never regret it!
  6. I see no reason to say that the Davidic Kingdom will be restored. The Davidic Kingdom was part of the pre-Jesus messianic hope, but a post-Jesus re-reading of that hope must demand attention to the fact that Jesus didn't meet the expected messianic standards of his contemporaries. In fact a big part of understanding the Gospel is understanding how Jesus subverts the Jewish messianic expectation.

    For example. When Jesus enters into Jerusalem, it would have been expected that Jesus would turn to face the Romans, and throw them out of the city. As the messiah (a descendant of David) Jesus should have defied Roman rule and re-established the Davidic Kingdom. Jesus doesn't do that. Instead he turns and confronts the temple. Jesus even goes as far as saying that those who hold to this Davidic messianic expectation are comparable to the unfaithful thieves and bandits of Jeremiah, who feign piety when it is suitable for them.

    The Kingdom of David is a specficailly Jewish messianic hope. One that Jesus not only doesn't fulfill, but continuously critiques in his ministry, replacing it with Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God motifs that represent the new Christian eschatological hope.
  7. #7 SpiritLedEd, Dec 6, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2010
    As "A man after God's own heart"(see 1 Sam 13:14), David will be in Heaven, but, he will not be on the throne.The created can never be equal to the Creator, which is why God (Jesus) cannot share His kingship, which is not of this world (see Jn 18:36), with a human (David).

  8. Some related Scriptures, too tired to type them out tonite, sorry! Matthew 19:28, Luke 22:28-30, Acts 15:16, Revelation 2:24-29.

    I believe what is written, that the kingdom will be restored, and from what else I read there are those who will rule & reign with Christ, but I cannot know at what level, or ruling & reigning over whom? I do know that He says some men will sit beside Him on his throne! Amazing to me....
  9. For me one of the most difficult things to even begin to grasp is the nature of our eternal lives! If there's anything I take entirely on Faith, that's it! I have a very strong hunch there will be animal type creatures in heaven that if we even saw them now it would cause a total mental meltdown. The description of some of the cohort of various types of 'angels' is enough to blow your mind just thinking about it! As to the nature of beings, humans, that's a puzzler too.

    There's many times in Scripture that it's written we shall 'Rule & reign with Him' and that begs the very fundamental question already mentioned: 'Rule & Reign' over WHOM!??? Hey, if every single 'person' as humans that make it through the pearlies is saved, then what's up with that?

    Far as I'm concerned, that's where Holiness Doctrine comes in! Now, I'm one that in my opinion fails miserably there, despite woking at it every instant of every day. I think part of that is because I was so grossly & horribly & insanely ROTTEN TO THE CORE before I was saved. Even my closest friends, because nowadays those are fairly nice people, can't imagine what I used to be, because they can't imagine even being like that! But now I'm a new creation and thankfully, that disgusting old man is dead, dead, dead!

    Back to the point: I'm guessing from Scripture's hints that various doctrines that seem to contradict are quite compatible. Those who sit smugly in 'Eternal Security' and use it like a condom will get their reward. Others who MOVE within 'Eternal Security', secure in their salvation, but continuously striving after goodness will get their reward, and it will be much greater.

    Obviously, Jesus recognizes exellence in our spirit's drive toward righteousness. That's why we're continually, over & over, encouraged to 'live right'. There WILL BE a huge reward for that, above other's rewards, eternally.

    Others fall into, "If you just believe, you're saved & that's it." Okay, fine, that's true, you're saved. But with virtually zero effort after that, and not caring enough to do much of anything about anything spiritual or related to living after godliness to please the Lord, you'll get your reward: eternal life, period, no Deluxe Package.

    We know that God is Perfect: so He MUST be Perfectly Fair in all his dealings. The more you give, the more you will receive, it's only fair! King David gave all, like so many other Bible Greats, and they will be in the highest parts of the upper rooms, seated on the Throne beside their Mighty God who rules over all. Others, because of their empty, measly, basically selfish contributions toward God will be saved, but they will be far below, and ruled over. Can't be any other way.

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