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King James Biography and more...

what i found @

i was just going to send the link but since the site could disappear any day (God help our brethren fighting to keep this wonderful site alive) i decided to post some info on King James (forgive me for the length but it's worth having a read). When i read about the corruption of the various "new" translations of the Holy Bible i was shocked. There are so many perversions of the Word of God that i found myself crying for the brethren being deceived so effortlessly. Simply stated, further inspection of these so-called "contemporary" versions such as the "Easy-to-Read", the "New Living Translation", the "New King James Version", or the "New American Standard" has proven to me how easily Satan can manipulate the Word of God by simply printing a "new and improved version" of the Holy Bible. I will post in another thread exactly what i mean by this but i digress.

I want people to know the truth about various versions (perversions) of the Holy Bible. If you don't believe me, do the research for yourself. Choose verses from your current bible and compare to the KJV. There are times in certain versions (NIV) where Jesus is revealed as the devil and where sin is not even mentioned. REALLY unnerving for you to think you may be studying a bible that claims such blatant lies? See for yourselves, i pray to God that the Holy Spirit guides you to the truth.

The Lord graciously guided me to the Authorized King James Version Holy Bible. I've never so much as questioned what these other translations could mean as i have always used the one God brought me to but recently i began worrying about those who may trust implicitly without full knowledge of the invariable truth that lies hidden therein. Read if you wish, or print and read at a later date.

P.S. the site itself is incredibly informative. Praise God. Peace.

King James I
Keyword: King James I

James Charles Stuart was born on June 19, 1566 at Edinburg Castle in Scotland. His father, Lord Darnley, was murdered in early 1567 before young James was 1 year old. His mother, Mary Queen of Scots, subsequently ascended to the Scottish throne. Her reign, however was short lived and she was forced to abdicate in favor of her son on July 24, 1567. Little James was crowned King James VI of Scotland five days later at the tender age of 13 months. Reformation leader John Knox preached the sermon at his coronation.

James' mother, Mary, was imprisoned in England by her cousin Queen Elizabeth and 19 years later, in February of 1587, was executed for her part in the conspiracy to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. King James never knew his mother.
And so, like many monarchs of the time, King James was reared by neither father nor mother but rather by tutors. Of his four tutors, perhaps one of the most influential was George Buchanan, a staunch Calvinist. It was under Mr. Buchanan's strict teaching methods that King James became one of the most learned and intellectually curious men to ever sit on any throne. Mr. Buchanan was 64 years old when he began tutoring the young king.

It was Greek before breakfast then Latin and history, composition, arithmetic cosmography, dialectics, rhetoric and of course, theology. King James spoke fluent Greek, Latin, French, English, and Scots and was schooled in Italian and Spanish. The King once remarked, that he could speak Latin before he could speak his native Scots. Because of his linguistic capabilities, King James typically did not need a translator when conducting business with other heads of state.
The stiff intellectual diet from George Buchanan was absorbed by a young boy who may have had a certain measure of dislike for his strict tutor. Nevertheless, King James learned well and grew into a powerful man with a powerful pen. The Cambridge University press notes that the King's writings were among the most important and influential British writings of their period.

King James began to rule his native Scotland when he was 19 years old. A few years later, he took Anne of Denmark to be his queen. King James loved his wife and wrote beautiful poetry for her. Together they had nine children. Once, when the King and Queen were out hunting, Queen Anne accidentally killed the King's favorite hunting dog, Jewell. The Queen felt badly about this and the King bought her a gift to ease her mind of this incident.

King James believed in the Divine Right of Kings and the monarch's duty to reign according to God's law and the public good. In order to pass on his kingly instruction to his eldest son, Prince Henry, King James wrote Basilicon Doron which means, "the Kingly Gift". Basilicon Doron was not meant for general publication, but for the instruction of the young prince in the likely event that his father would not survive to instruct him--King James was sickly and survived a number of assasination attempts. The King bound his printer Robert Waldegrave to secrecy and ordered an edition of only seven copies. Somehow, however, intelligence of the book and its contents got abroad.

Subsequently, there was so much demand for Basilicon Doron that forged, corrupted copies were being distributed. With these pressures, the King then had it published for the general public and it became a bestseller. It was published in English, Welsh, Latin, French, Swedish and German for a period of over 50 years.
Basilicon Doron is a short treatise, only 153 pages long. It consists of three short volumes, the first of which is "A King's Christian Duetie Towards God." James D'israeli said, "James had formed the most elevated conception of the virtues and duties of a monarch."

In Basilicon Doron, King James' understanding of Christian discipleship, style and prose are at their best. He skillfully intertwines sacred scripture with godly and Christian advice. The King offers his son this important advice on knowing God:
"Diligently read his word, & earnestly...pray for the right understanding thereof. Search the scriptures saith Christ for they will bear testimony of me. The whole Scriptures saith Paul are profitable to teach, to improve, to correct, and to instruct in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect unto all good works.
"The whole Scripture contayneth but two things: a command and a prohibition. Obey in both... The worship of God is wholy grounded upon the Scripture, quickened by faith."

Basilicon Doron
by King James
King James' great aspiration to be the first King of both Scotland and England was realized in 1603 upon the death of Queen Elizabeth. When he ascended to the English throne that year he had already been king of Scotland for 36 years. He was now known as King James VI of Scotland & I of England.
The king played a masterly political game and kept his kingdom out of war. For the first time a Scottish monarch wielded effective authority over the more far-flung areas of the realm. He supported literature both through his own writing and his patronage. There was peace during his reign--both with his subjects and foreign powers.

As a Scotsman ruling over the English, the King endured much racism and slander--especially from the once powerful English Lords and Ladies who he replaced with his Scottish countrymen. Unfortunately, many of today's historians look to the writings of hostile sources such as Sir Anthony Weldon and Francis Osborne as accurate descriptions of this great king.

One of the king's detractors, Sir Anthony Weldon, was knighted by King James but was subsequently dismissed after King James found racist writings by Weldon about the King's native Scotland. Many historians today quote Weldon as if he were a reliable historical source. Examples of Weldon's racism are found in his treatise entitled, "A Perfect Description of the People and Country of Scotland" where he says that the Scots are a "stinking people" who hold "fornication...but a pastime". He also said, "...their flesh naturally abhors cleanness. Their breath commonly stinks of pottage...to be chained in marriage with one of them, were to be tied to a dead carcass, and cast into a stinking ditch....I do wonder that...King James should be born in so stinking a town as Edinburgh in lousy Scotland."
Despite this obvious bias, historians continue to consult the writings of Anthony Weldon who intimated that King James had inordinate affections towards other men--but he did not do this until 25 years after King James was dead and could not defend himself. Today's sodomite/homosexual community is touting the King as one of their own, which he was not. These misinformed sources, virtually without exception, fail to mention that King James and his Queen had nine children together. You can read about the rumors in this article or check out an excellently researched book on the subject by Stephen Coston, Sr. entitled, King James: Unjustly Accused?.

Almost prophetically, the king wrote of his enemies:
"They quarrel me (not for any evil or vice in me) but because I was a king, which they thought the highest evil, and because they were ashamed to profess this quarrel they were busy to look narrowly in all my actions, and I warrant you a moat in my eye, yes a false report was matter enough for them to work upon."
--James I, Basilicon Doron

The Catholic religion was also an enemy of King James. Papists (as King James called them) attempted to assassinate him a number of times. Most notably, in 1605 Roman Catholic Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament when the king was to have been present. The conspiracy was discovered and all co-conspirators were executed. This failed attempt is celebrated on November 5 in England each year and is known as Guy Fawkes Night.

King James was an evangelist of the true gospel, which automatically made him an enemy of Rome. King James strongly delineated the errors of Roman superstition and spurned them yet he treated Romanist subjects fairly. Catholic ambassador Nicolo Molin said this of King James: "He is a Protestant...the King tries to extend his Protestant religion to the whole island. The King is a bitter enemy of our religion. He frequently speaks of it in terms of contempt. He is all the harsher because of this last conspiracy against his life...He understood that the Jesuits had a hand in it."

Despite his detractors, King James the VI of Scotland and I of England was a highly successful King. As a lover of the theatre, King James became patron to the troop of one of his most famous subjects--William Shakespeare, the playwright. Shakespeare's troop came to be known as the King's Men. Shakespeare and the King held a special relationship as they both loved literature. Shakespeare even wrote his famous play, "Macbeth" specifically for King James.

Another little recognized fact is that King James the VI and I is the founding monarch of the United States. Under his reign, we have the first successful colonies planted on the American mainland--Virginia, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia (Latin for New Scotland) in SE Canada. The King himself ordered, wrote and authorized the Evangelistic Grant Charter to settle the Colony of Virginia:
"To make habitation...and to deduce a colony of sundry of our people into that part of America, commonly called Virginia...in propagating of Christian religion to such people as yet live in darkness...to bring a settled and quiet government."

Not only was King James the first monarch to unite Scotland, England and Ireland into Great Britain (as he liked to call it), but he commissioned what many consider to be the greatest piece of religious and literary work in the world--the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, aka the Authorized Version. King James gave his subjects the greatest gift he could--the Holy Bible so that they could be saved and fed from the Word of God.

In January of 1604, the King called the Hampton Court Conference in order to hear of things "pretended to be amiss" in the church. At this conference, Dr. John Reynolds, a Puritan, requested of the King a new translation of the Bible because those that were allowed during the reigns of Henry the VIII and Edward the VI were corrupt. The King loved the idea and by July of 1604 the King had appointed 54 men to the translation committee. These men were not only the best linguists and scholars in the kingdom but in the world. Much of their work on the King James Bible formed the basis for our linguistic studies of today.

The translators were organized into six groups and met respectively at Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford. This group of great scholars had qualifications such as have not been rivaled before or after them. They spent most of their lifetimes in the pursuit of God and knowledge. One translator, Dr. Lancelot Andrews, mastered at least 15 languages and by the time he was 6 years old, he had read the entire Bible in Hebrew. Others on the translation committee were just as qualified. Some wrote foreign language dictionaries and lexicons, they commonly debated in Greek, they translated and edited great works and wrote their own. These are but a few of their fantastic accomplishments. They not only knew the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek biblical languages but also the related languages that shed light on them such as Arabic, Persian, Coptic, Syriac, Latin, Chaldee, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.

These men were not only world class scholars, they were Christians who lived holy lives as Deans and Presidents of major universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster. Some prayed 5 hours a day. Their translation work did not go without opposition. According to the translator's notes in the preface of the King James Bible, the Catholic religion was dead set against translating the Bible into the common tongue. Popery proved to be the translator's chief enemy. The translators wrote of the Catholic religion: "So much are they afraid of the light of the scripture, that they will not trust the people with it...Sure we are that not he that hath the good gold, that is afraid to bring it to the touchstone, but he that hath the counterfeit."

Despite the opposition of the Catholic religion, the work continued and the end product was nothing short of miraculous. Many consider the commissioning of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible the crowning achievement of King James the VI and & I. Upon its publication, the King James or Authorized Version eclipsed all previous and subsequent versions. It is the best-selling book of all time. Today there are a plethora of Bible versions available--yet for many Christians the King James Bible of 1611 is the absolute and final word of God.

We will use a quote from the Merit Student's Encyclopedia: "The greatest English Bible is the Authorized, or King James Version...The King James Bible became the traditional Bible of English-speaking Protestants. Its dignified and beautiful style strongly influenced the development of literature in the English language. The influence can be seen in the works of John Bunyan, John Milton, Herman Melville and many other writers." Actor Charlton Heston had this to say about the King James Bible in his autobiography: "...the King James translation has been described as the only great work of art ever created by a committee...The authors of several boring translations that have followed over the last fifty years mumble that the KJV is "difficult" filled with long words...Over the past several centuries it's been the single book in most households an enormous force in shaping the development of the English language.

Carried around the world by missionaries...Exploring it...was one of the most rewarding creative experiences of my life."
The Authorized King James Version of the Bible has been cherished and read by Christians the world over since 1611 when it was published. Sir Winston Churchill said, "The scholars who produced this masterpiece are mostly unknown and unremembered. But they forged an enduring link, literary and religious, between the English-speaking people of the world."

The Authorized King James Bible is not only heralded by Christians for its doctrinal accuracy, but it has been recognized by the secular as the "Monument of English Prose" for it is most beautiful in style and prose. In fact, the King James Bible has been listed in Norton Anthologies "The World's Best Literature" for decades.

Though King James had a life filled with accomplishments, he was a man acquainted with grief. He was a sickly man who had physical handicaps in his legs and a tongue that was too large for his mouth. As a result of his unsteady gait, the king had numerous falls, accidents and injuries. He suffered from crippling arthritis, abdominal colic, gout, inability to sleep, weak/spasmic limbs, nausea, frequent diarrhea, and kidney pain. Some believe that he may have had congenital diseases of the nervous system. Sometimes the pain was so great that the king became delirious.

To add to his ill-health, the king suffered from depression from the loss of his beloved wife Queen Anne in 1619. She was preceded in death by their eldest son, Prince Henry in 1612. The King was no stranger to pain and sorrow. The sun set on King James the great monarch on March 27, 1625 at Theobolds Park in Herts, England. He was 59 years old when he died and was buried at Westminster Abbey. Unlike many Scottish monarchs, King James died in his bed at peace with his subjects and foreign countries. He also passed Royal power on, intact, to an adult son which was also quite unusual.

Though he died almost 400 years long ago, the King's legacy, the King James Bible continues to flourish and to bring men, women, boys and girls to a life-saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
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I would love to know exactly where in the NIV that "Jesus is revealed as the devil." There is nothing from what you took from elsewhere that has an Scripture to back it up such as the above opinion you expressed. Interesting.
mymakersdaughter said:
I would love to know exactly where in the NIV that "Jesus is revealed as the devil." There is nothing from what you took from elsewhere that has an Scripture to back it up such as the above opinion you expressed. Interesting.

i apologize for that, i was somewhat flippant about supporting it in this thread... instead of saying revealed i should have said implied... but i will leave it so that ppl can see what i mean by interpretation of certain english words can be the path to hell... pls see my other thread titled " All Modern Versions of the Bible corrupt?" you'll see what i mean... it refers to Jesus as the morning star but with a slight twist of words enough to "imply" such a thing not come right out and "say" such a thing...

God bless... peace.

The path to hell as you say has only to do with not following Christ as Lord and Saviour not by reading God's word according to someone else's interpretions. I don't think Moss's had a Bible to read from, doubt if Abraham did, my guess is that they are with God. I'm guessing David is with God too.
We preach Christ Crixufied and risen, I think any version of a Bible states this, we don't need to get into telling everyone which bible to read. You like the KJV great, it doesn't need to become the soap box onto which to make a stand. Let's work together to continue preaching that Christ is alive and took our sin away and we have eternal life.
i just noticed you removed the web link i pasted... how sad... i thought this place would be different but you are no different than any other forum are you? the truth shall set you free doesn't mean anything to people anyways anymore... i give up.. if you can edit my message from something as simple as a web site reference (that by the way those of you reading, is extremely informative and is ALL for jesus.. because jesus is lord) you could also manipulate my entire post to reflect what you desire... i didn't appreciate your tone either sister, you obviously have a higher view of yourself than i do of myself. God bless you all... i'm not coming back to a place where you are permitted to erase not only my words but also the Word of God.

Dear Abba Father, i just wanted to believe so much Lord that you would guide me to a truth seeking people. They are as rebellious as the Ninevites, and they are perishing as much also. I sought, I went and I loved, but I will not stand idly by while my words can be erased and where yours can be lost forever Lord. I love you Abba, and in your son Jesus' precious and holy name I ask that you forgive me for yet another about face. Peace be with you all. Selah.

Revelation 19:9-10--9And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. 10And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Praise God for He is worthy.
Repent, is all i can say and do... don't tell me about soapboxes when you completely obliterated my message. How is the view from up there? if you want the lie, go right ahead, i'm not following any of you who cannot see the truth in front of them but i am praying for you.

Proverbs 2:1-22

1My son, if thou wilt receive my words,
and hide my commandments with thee;

2so that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom,
and apply thine heart to understanding;

3yea, if thou criest after knowledge,
and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

4if thou seekest her as silver,
and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

5then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD,
and find the knowledge of God.

6For the LORD giveth wisdom:
out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

7He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous:
he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.

8He keepeth the paths of judgment,
and preserveth the way of his saints.

9Then shalt thou understand righteousness,
and judgment, and equity;
yea, every good path.

10When wisdom entereth into thine heart,
and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

11discretion shall preserve thee,
understanding shall keep thee:

12to deliver thee from the way of the evil man,
from the man that speaketh froward things;

13who leave the paths of uprightness,
to walk in the ways of darkness;

14who rejoice to do evil,
and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;

15whose ways are crooked,
and they froward in their paths:

16to deliver thee from the strange woman,
even from the stranger which flattereth with her words;

17which forsaketh the guide of her youth,
and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

18For her house inclineth unto death,
and her paths unto the dead.

19None that go unto her return again,
neither take they hold of the paths of life.

20That thou mayest walk in the way of good men,
and keep the paths of the righteous.

21For the upright shall dwell in the land,
and the perfect shall remain in it.

22But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth,
and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.

Wow, that was very lovingly said...??

It is very interesting how condeming you are of people who do not bow down to what you have to say, you end with the words "peace" but it is evident that you do not have this as you come with the spirit of division.
As for the link you need to read the forum rules, they apply to everyone, apprently you have not read them, it is a must.

If you need to make personal attacks on people about being high and mighty I would suggest you take some time to find a place where that is acceptable. It is not appreciated nor tolerated. How fast you judge and condem...tis very sad. You are not praying for me you are trying to justifying your actions. Again lets all (you and I) look to Christ and Him risen as the ground in which we trod, not division.
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AbbazGirl said:
Dear Abba Father, i just wanted to believe so much Lord that you would guide me to a truth seeking people. They are as rebellious as the Ninevites, and they are perishing as much also. I sought, I went and I loved, but I will not stand idly by while my words can be erased and where yours can be lost forever Lord. I love you Abba, and in your son Jesus' precious and holy name I ask that you forgive me for yet another about face. Peace be with you all. Selah.

Praise God that the thousands of missionaries throughout the world, who are bringing the light to a pagan, unexcepting, and stuborn world, do not hold this same attitude. Thank the Lord Almighty for chosing the rite people for the job.

MyMakersDaughter, I support you 100%. The Lord our God has placed you in a possition of authority on this, His Church. Much like David, who had the oppertunity to kill his predicessor to the throne, but said that "God placed him there, and God will take him out in His time, not mine", we (as members of Talk Jesus) are called to submit to your authority, not strike back against it. If you are no longer walking in the light, and proclaming the truth, God will remove you. Amen.

AbbazGirl, First off, thank you for sharing this thread with us. Take time to read through some of the other threads on this subject, as much of this has been discussed before, and you can see what is, and is not acceptable, or at the very least is abrasive. Secondly, the rules to this site are clear, and consinstant, and have applied to everyone from the beginning. Please take a moment to read through them so as not to inadvertantly step across any boundries set forth by the sites administrators/moderators.

Let us not forget..
"all things work for the glory of God for those that love him" Including biblical translations.

God bless,
Staff Member
AbbazGirl, the problem is your attitude here not the translation.

Your profile shows:

I am no longer posting here as this is definitely not a friendly loving place but judges of the flesh rule here. I am NOT going to pay tribute to the devil by fraternizing with the ungodly.

Clearly your not within a Godly spirit but a hateful spirit filled with assumptions and misconceptions more than a 100% if possible. Apparently 5,000 members are lost but your not? Your deceived sadly, but we have no time to debate about Truth. It speaks clearly for itself.

AbbazGirl said:
i apologize for that, i was somewhat flippant about supporting it in this thread... instead of saying revealed i should have said implied... but i will leave it so that ppl can see what i mean by interpretation of certain english words can be the path to hell... pls see my other thread titled " All Modern Versions of the Bible corrupt?" you'll see what i mean... it refers to Jesus as the morning star but with a slight twist of words enough to "imply" such a thing not come right out and "say" such a thing...

God bless... peace.


Actually, it is your misunderstanding not the translation that is wrong. GOD bless you. Hopefully GOD will convict your heart to be more Christlke and loving without condemning people you have no insight about.
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I was struck reading your testamony with the force and soundness of your words. As i read your other posts, I still am. I favor the KJV because it is a good english translstion of the greek and the hebrew texts. The NASV is also a good translstion, almost wooden at times, but its Greek text is not the same one the KJV used. I defend the textus reseptus family of texts, not a majority position sadly.

This said, I also sensed in your testamony post, the intencity of your convictions; these do not come without great struggle. So I know you have had your share. Not many christians today have endured the controdictions of sinners as greatly as I think you have. And let me tell you I do know what it is like. I will not tell you to lessen your zeal; only to seek patience and kindness in your pressing the truth. Give these people a chance to prove their love of Christ. Understand what it is that they are trying to do and why the rules they have. I believe you can work in this forum most importantly in the exact expression of how Christ has led you to these convicrions and the texts He used on yourself.

You know how strong convictions can become. I'd be suprised if you had not changed some as Christ further gave you instruction. If you are like me, you changed hard. Well, that is what any one you venture to correct will have to do, so be patient and kind with them; you are pulling God's poor sheep out of a snare; don't rip off their leggs. And lastly, don't write off any of Christs little ones by retracting godly disputing and rasionings from scripture, iron sharpemeth iron, and how will you change or change them, if you do.
I want to hear what you have to say. I want to hear how friends answer: we must search the scripture to see if these things be true.

And please friends do not be harsh in your responces. I know what it is like to be in difficult providences like Elijah. Standing alone, it is not unusual to mistake that there are no others. And Elijahs learn hard and are infuriating, but oh my how they are loyal and Jesus loves them. Please, please...DGB
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I am fully willing to hear people out but what you dont understand is the behind the scenes here at talk Jesus.. The rules are what the are for a reason.. her tone was not acceptable as soon as someone disagreed with her. In the same way you ask "us" to be gentle the same should be asked of others..

She has not posted for over a month..her account is closed... I find it wonderful how you talk to her so sweetly and understanding.. know though when rules are broken there are consequences.

Joyfully ~ Jlu
greetings JLU,
I had hoped that she might not split, as she apperently did. I was trying to give her a reason to be patient and jentle. I doubt that she shall ever read it. I do pray for this site and thoes who come in here. The rules are ment to safegard the sheep. I don't think she was in here long enough to realize that. Someone else has said that all we can do is pray for her, and I agree.
God bless you guys as you have to make these decissions with wisdom and discirnment...DGB
You say that NKJV, NASV, etc have translation in error, is it all the books? DO you also have the passages or verses where it's corrupt or in error?