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New Member
I do kickboxing once a week. My instructor says I am accurate and fast but that I lack strength/power in my kicks. What exercises do I need to do to strengthen my lower body and core so that I can gain power in my kicks?
New Member
As a former pro fighter i can help you with this. You can use exercises like : Lunges, squat jumps and regular squats. Just do sets of around 30 repetitions and do that like 5 or 6 times. Afterwards you can do another round of only kicking or 2 on the bag/
New Member
What you do need to know, is that in order to get high power kicks, the problem mostly isn't muscle. It's really about how much torque you can create by moving in the hip when you kick. The kicks have to come from the hip in order to be hard. If you just use the leg muscles you will burn out fast and you won't last a solid round in the ring..