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keep your focus on his promises

I often find my self thinking of when I was a child going to the mountains on fall vacations.

The sound of the waterfall and the soft mist of the morning fog. The walk through the steep paths through the forest with the sound of animals scurrying around. I remember “learning how to catch cat fish by my bare hands from a little native Indian girl, that I met there.

My grandfather would cook breakfast on an old propane gas grill. The smell of bacon and eggs frying in a cast iron skillet. I remember so much about it as if it was yesterday, Gods creation continues to fill me with awe.

All he has made for us and yet we complain of the little simple things when things don’t go our way. Its funny how we sometimes just seem to forget the many wonderful beauties he has given us that he created with a simple word he said let there be and it was.

Why is it so hard for us to just believe in all things are possible. From healing to financial burdens. I sometimes find my self growing impatient at little things that just doesn’t matter, and The lord reminds me of his word through the creation around me. When ever I feel like I am not hearing GOD, I go to one of these places I write about and sit and meditate and almost every time I leave in total peace and refreshed I can remember not to far back I was so tired of the every day things and I was standing on my porch looking up at the sky and I seen a flock of wild ducks flying in a V formation. one of the ducks fell off towards the back and the rest moved further forward and it seemed as that one fell back further and further then it was inside of me I heard this. See the v it is for victory but you see the one that falls behind and cant seem to keep up? It took his eyes away from the victory and got distracted and pulled away from it

Now he is further away from reaching his victory because he let things around him tear his focus away. I then new in me what he was telling me I let the victory slide away because I grew tired of waiting, I was so blind. We all grow tired at times we get frustrated because things aren't happening almost instantly. We seem to think God should just work a miracle and make it happen well he can but you know he doesn’t always things must be in his timing. There is so many times GOD has spoke to me through his creation.

One time I went shrimping on a shrimp boat out in the gulf. If you know any

Thing about shrimping its not to easy of work you grow tired your hands callas and bleed.

The boat drops those huge nets and doors they drag for a long distance. The doors are wooden and they hold the net open and pushes them up and there purpose is to help keep the net in the right position, once after the wait period you pull in the nets and they drag them over to the deck and dump out. Every one there culls through the shrimp and separates all the trash and fish from the shrimp. Well one time GOD spoke to me about that too. He reminded me of the culling and he told me this, In times of struggles some times we need to cull out the many things that attach they’re selves to our blessings in order to receive the prosperity. At that time I was struggling spiritually, I had to cull out some of the habits I had to reach my spiritual prosperity.

My point is this when we feel like we aren’t going any where and you feel your not hearing him check your own self cull out all the things that might be keeping you from hearing what God might be trying to say. From jealousy to lacking in faith it could be the very thing keeping you from prosperity. The End