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Keep praying, brother not looking good (cancer)

He is headed for hospice care now, things not looking good, could just be a matter of weeks before he leaves this world. At one point it looked like he was going to pull through, then all of a sudden things turned around and started going down.

Don't want to be selfish, but could really use a miracle of healing from Jesus, if it is his will.

Dear Lord Jesus help my brother and my family, shed your grace on his life, we ask for a miracle of healing , and we thank you, in your name we ask, Amen.:love:
In HisGrace,I'am so saddened to hear this.I pray that the Almighty power of God might intervene and grant a miracle for your brother.We pray that this is the will of the Father.
We pray that all those close to your brother, who are also affected by this will have their Spirits uplifted,and the strength of Jesus Christ will comfort your heavy hearts.If you need to talk to someone ,please feel free to email me.
Thanks everyone for praying, the chemo treatment has been stopped, it was not working. My brother is truely 100% at the mercy of God at this time, any delay or cure is in the Lord's hands.

I can not force the will of God, but will continue to have hope and never give up, for I do believe in miracles. We have layed hands on him and have cast out any evil spirit or disease, claiming the blood of Jesus.

Keep praying, we have won a few battles so far, now need to win the war.

Lord Jesus we ask for healing, comfort, love, grace, peace, renewed strength at this time, in Jesus name we ask, Amen.
I will continue my prayers for your brother as well as your family and friends.It is truly in the hands of God now.I pray that the Father will bring understanding and healing.