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Keep it simple ?

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by lioncub, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Where in the bible is the statement "keep it simple" supported ? I get told this so many times by church brothers and sisters.

    The word 'simplicity' is found in the NT, but actually means: singleness, i.e. (subjectively) sincerity (without dissimulation or self-seeking), or (objectively) generosity (copious bestowal).

    I get frustrated because, as soon as complications start happening or someone attempts to explore new areas of scripture, "keep it simple" is often mentioned. I feel that this statement is used as an excuse for not studying the scriptures. Is this a man-made statement after the wisdom of men and not of God ? When you explore scripture in depth, you will run into complications, it is inevitable. For instance, consider the apostle Paul, who you could certainly not apply the above definition of "keep it simple" to, as illustrated in 2 Peter 3:16.

    The term 'hard to be understood' only occurs once in the new testament and means, 'difficult of perception.' (Greek)

    In Acts 2:46, Ephesians 6:5 , Colossians 3:22, the word singleness = aphelotes (Greek)= smoothness, i.e. (figuratively) simplicity. But these scriptures refer to different contexts.

    In Matt 11:30, the word, easy actually means, kindly ! And the word, light means easy !
    Different context.

    In 1 Cor 14:9, easy = well indicated, i.e. (figuratively) significant. Only occurs once in NT and is used in a different context.

    In James 3:17, easy = good for persuasion, i.e. (intransitively) complaint. Different idea to the statement above.

    If I am correct concerning the above statements, then, are these and many other 'man-made' sayings gradually replacing the wisdom of God ? Statements like "keep it simple" are the fast-food takeaway alternatives to our diets. If our diets are based on these alternatives, then are we walking in ignorance and are being starved of proper nutrition which comes from God's Word (milk of the word) ?
  2. I am totally with you! I have noticed this too and it makes me wonder what? really?and to be honest it can be very frustrating. I find that " keep it simple" can often also come with " you dont have to do that" when your obedience may make others uncomfortable and they try to let ya know you dont really have to be that serious and actually do it.

    But i will tell you what i believe about this and see what you think.

    The bible is clear that there in the word is milk- meat- and strong meat.

    Paul said " we speak wisdom amoung them that are perfect".

    He also said that when they should know the word they have to again be fed with milk.

    I believe this is what is happening. If you begin to go into meat or strong meat, those who are still on milk will be confused because God is working on a different area of their lives than he is yours and they will not see yet the meat he is teaching you because they cannot chew it yet.

    That is why paul says we speak wisdom to them that are perfect. If you try to feed a baby meat they cannot chew it, and cannot swallow it and they will look at you like give me my milk!

    These people I HOPE do not mean harm but just cannot yet comprehend and need you to speak milk with them, find them that are perfect and speak that meat amoung them and be weak to those who are on milk.

    But occasionally there will be those who hold the word of God falsely and who purposely try to keep you out like the pharasees did- them depart from and continue to obey God.
  3. "Keep it simple" can mean

    • Don't question my authority.
    • I don't want to be bothered with difficult issues.
    • I am not going to change my mind.
    • Your intelligence threatens me.
    • Please don't disturb my beliefs.

    It can also mean

    • Let's not get sidetracked by minor issues.
    • Endless debates are holding us back from following Jesus.
    • Raising complex issues may be harmful for immature Christians

    and so on

    The gospel is delightfully simple and infinitely complex. We should be able to appreciate and meditate on both its complexity and simplicity.
  4. Yeah sure, it can mean a whole range of things to different people. This is indeed one of the problems with a man-made saying. But I feel that it is used too often as an excuse for not bothering to study the bible or learn more. I wonder how many people study the bible, regardless of their intellect. This book is so crucial to our lives and yet many people aren't studying it because they are constantly told by people that don't study the bible to "keep it simple".
  5. It could also mean "Don't complicate something that is simple"

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