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Just to let you know ............

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Just wanted to let all of you know the reason I havent been here is because my pc is giving me alot of trouble. the motherboard is frying out and I havent been able to get it working today it was a miracle it even turned on so i dont know how long it will last but to let you all know I love you and miss you and I am working on getting another motherboard or a stick of dinamite for this pc lol just kidden! but please be praying that I do get it working this is my ministry is my pc. I do all my writings and ministry online because one lol i cant read my own writing! lol second being a motrher of 5 youngsters makes it impossible to forfill my dream to evangewlize around the world at this time so this is a way for ke to do what I am called to do till that door gets opened and I can travel. which I plan on going to trinidad when that happens and Haiti but I have got to do what I am called to do here first as a mother. and that is to raise my babies up on the word. well God bless you all and hope to see you real soon again. your sister in Christ forever :love: