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Just Joined Yesterday

Well I am new to this group, I am always new but seldom stick around, but I will give it a try this time.

I long for fellowship, but that is not happening these days.

Life is hard right now, battling disease and my marriage is far from pleasant.

On a better note: I was saved in 1974 and have been hanging on to My Lord ever since. My hubby and I, are divided on many things which really makes life very hard indeed. I do not know know if he is saved anymore, I believe that he has been disqualified himself through his own actions, he will answer to God for it. In the meantime I am struggling to cleave to my Lord and Savior, He is My Rock and My Fortress.
Hi Playful Otter, welcome to TJ
I was wondering if you go to a particular church. Fellowship really does make a difference when you are struggling and having a prayer partner also makes a significant difference. Someone who is willing to pray for you and your family. You do not have to give out too many details, just ask for prayer cover for you and your family. Try to concentrate on yourself at the moment. You need to build up your inner man through your prayer life, reading the word of God daily and fellowship with other believers. Make a start today of walking new with Christ. I am willing to add you to my daily prayer list. Determine yourself to create an environment in your home of worship in attitude and lifestyle. You cannot change another person but you can change yourself with Christ's help.

Each situation is different and requires us to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I recall a situation where I was going to a weekly bible study group and I noticed that the woman whose home we studied at, was having some difficulties.
She seemed anxious but was very courteous and smiled a lot but there was just something that seemed missing in that smile. Her husband would just sit and listen during the study which was directed by a Home group leader from their church.

After visiting her a few times, she finally told me about the abusive situation she was living with her husband and 3 boys. It was a real nightmare. He was being physically and mentally abusive to his family and because she felt disloyal in reaching out for any help...she and her boys suffered in silence. The bible tells us in Luke 12:2-3 that nothing is covered up that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known. I suggested that she no longer conceal his behavior and be open and honest in the house group about the hell they were living and she did. The Bible study group was a safe environment as a rule, no member was allowed to discuss anything personal that comes up outside that environment.

This surprised the home group leader tremendously but enabled them to get the help they so desperately needed. Sometimes we need to trust that we are doing the right thing when we reach out to other believers. This whole family was in bondage including her husband but Paul says ~ "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." Galatians 5:1

PS: You can talk to me any time you want to sister. Bless you xox
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @Playful Otter

It would be good if you could stay and become a regular.
Online fellowship although different to 'real' fellowshio can be a real blessing.....when Jesus is the central focus of discussion.

The womans forum has a wealth of Christian articles especially for us ladies

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Ps the link says error for some reason but it still takes you to the women's forum,
@Chad does this need fixing?
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Hi sister I'm glad you found our community. I trust our members will bless you and encourage you. We're not called to do the Christian walk alone.
Hi Playful Otter. Welcome to Talk Jesus! You will find some great fellowship here.
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @Playful Otter
Hope you find the fellowship you are seeking here.
Reading your bio I'm like you waiting for the Lord's Return! Alleluia!
Still, take the opportunities that are provided to you, no matter where you are to let folks know who you are living for.
Not for hubby, work, vacations, TV (!), etc...but for the Lord!
Easy to say, but most Difficult to do is to say "Rejoice" Paul who was in prison saying this twice! Clearly understood that no matter where we find ourselves in life, it does not determine who we are in Christ Jesus! Always remember that He is ever with us! And one day soon He will be returning! But meanwhile please know that you have Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus here who are willing to listen, pray with, or just plain fellowship with you.
Once again be welcome to Talk Jesus Sister.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.